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5 Types Of Mattresses To Consider

5 Types Of Mattresses To Consider

Innerspring and memory foam mattresses are among the most popular options, but there are other types consumers may also want to consider. Each type of mattress comes in different firmness levels as well as price points that are well worth considering.

1. Memory Foam

These mattresses are perfect for pressure relief as they contour to the shape of your body and offer pressure point relief. Side sleepers will especially want to consider these types of mattresses as they cradle the shape of their body while also offering proper spinal alignment. If you sleep with your partner, memory foam is also less prone to movement, therefore, it’s much easier to share this type of mattress.

Usually, memory foam mattresses are composed of different foam layers. The top is always cushioned for proper comfort, while the bottom layers feature dense foam for great foundational support. The only downside to opting for memory foam is that it tends to trap heat. Fortunately, there are gel-infused options that have a cooling effect.

2. Latex

Often claimed as being similar in nature to memory foam, latex mattresses tend to have a bouncier, more resilient nature. These mattresses are usually made from natural latex which is the sap of the rubber tree. As such, it is more environmentally-conscious and organic, but also tends to demand a higher price tag.

Usually, consumers will find that latex mattresses come in two major varieties: Dunlop and Talalay. Dunlop is considered the firmer option of the two, but in many instances, people rarely feel the difference.

3. Innerspring

These mattresses have metal coils or springs inside that make them firm while lending them a bounce. Many consumers find these mattresses highly familiar, especially for those that have purchased a compressed bed-in-a-box option. Back and stomach sleepers will find these innerspring mattresses most beneficial as they tend to offer the right amount of support.

When shopping, coil gauge and count are important considerations. The gauge of the coils determines the firmness, therefore, anything in the 12-15 category means more durability and firmness. The number of coils will also pinpoint the expected quality. The higher the number of coils, the better! A good quality queen sized mattress should have 400 coils or more. Pocketed coils are also a consideration as that means they’re individually wrapped for webbed support. Find out where to get a super firm mattress in the helpful guide.

4. Hybrid

These mattresses offer the perfect marriage of bouncy innersprings and comfortable latex or memory foam. Online mattress brands tend to offer hybrid options for consumers. In its construction, the foam is on top for enhanced comfort while the coils are found in the base for firm support. Most hybrids feel highly similar to actual foam mattresses, but they do have a higher price tag than competitors.

5. Adjustable

Not as common as other varieties, adjustable mattresses contain air chambers that allow consumers to customize their desired firmness levels. Considerably higher priced than any of the other options on the market, many couples still decide to splurge. It is perfect for sleeping with a partner as it allows both parties to adequately adjust the mattress to fit their needs without disturbing the other person. What’s more, many of these mattresses also have foundations that help support the mattress in a higher quality manner.

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