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Best Video Games of 2022


Video games have evolved considerably since their inception. The early days of pixelated screens and limited sound effects are a distant memory, with modern video games boasting photo-realistic graphics and surround sound. With technological advancements, the quality of video games continues to improve. 

The evolution of video games has seen a variety of genres emerge over time. These include shooting, sports, puzzles, adventure, strategy, and role-playing games (RPGs). The most popular genres are RPG and FPS (first-person shooter). The most popular genres are RPG and FPS (first-person shooter). 

Moreover, video games are not just about entertainment anymore. Players can win money on some of the games in casinos like these at Maximum Casinos that can easily be found when browsing the internet as the gaming experience has changed over time.

So, here are the best video games of 2022.


Josh Wardle, a software engineer from New York, knew his partner loved word games, and he created just the ethical challenge to keep them entertained. His last name inspired the new game, Wordle, and with that, a word game was born!

Unlike other games, Wordle does not have advertisements or niggling notifications begging you to return each morning. A Wordle is released each day. It is the same for everyone around the globe. The game is a refreshing, innocent alternative to the capitalistic systems that define many other video games. The game allows players to guess a five-letter word and then reveals whether any of the letters are in the secret word and whether they are in the correct place. Players have six tries to get it right.

Horizon Forbidden West

This game is a tremendous experience, but exploring the post-apocalyptic US with red-haired warrior Aloy is addictive. This game features robot dinosaurs and warring tribes, which provide danger and fighting fun. However, the world, with its tempting treasures, unique sights, and unusual characters, provides intrigue.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Arceus, the newest game in the Pokémon franchise, offers a refreshing change from previous games in the series by allowing you to play more as a researcher than a battler as you travel back in time to help compile the first Pokédex. It can inspire a sense of wonder in even older millennials, who often feel they’ve seen everything, by immersing them in the wilds and showing them fictional creatures that live there.

Sniper Elite 5

Similar to its predecessors, Sniper Elite 5 is a third-person shooter game. Players use a variety of weapons and techniques to infiltrate and extract from enemy territory. The X-Ray kill cam system will activate when a player kills an enemy using a sniper rifle from a long distance. The game’s camera follows the bullet to its target, showing bones or organs being broken or ruptured by it. The developer behind the Sniper Elite series has changed the tone of the classic World War 2 and made the beaches of Normandy an exciting new battlefield for players.


Every day new games appear on the market that captivates millions of fans around the globe. Choosing the best PC, PS5, or other options is not an “easy” task. That’s why today, we want to present a list of titles that deserve our attention. However, our list has rightfully earned its place because we have dozens of games, each with a million or more players.

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