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Jared Big Brother Girlfriend: From Kenzo To Blue, Unblurring Details Of Fields’ Relationship


CBS’ Big Brother Season 25’s Jared Fields has been quite under media and talks for his journey through love and reality TV. Interestingly, where everyone’s eye and ear falling is jared big brother girlfriend. Before diving into the crazy world of Big Brother, Fields brought his previous relationship to an end. Yes, we heard it right! Now, he’s going through the twists and turns of his new start with Blue Kim. Amid all this drama, talks, craze, and rumors, we are here to share the details of Jared’s mysterious personal life.

Who’s Jared Big Brother?

Jared Fields has gained huge popularity for being the contestant on Big Brother Season 25. At 25 years old, he came to the media spotlight for his unique personality and career. Throughout the season, he and his partner Blue Kim received lots of questions from fans regarding their personal life. 

Especially, whether they are together or not. However, both seem to be very close. Not to say, he even told many of his secrets to Kim, such as about his mom, Survivor legend Cirie Fields, being in the house, getting lots of attention from media and fans.

Is Jared Big Brother in a Relationship?

Jared Fields from Big Brother Season 25 is not currently in a relationship. He entered the game openly sharing with his showmance partner Blue Kim that he was in a relationship. However, it is an old matter and at present he is not in any kind of relationship with any person. No matter what media say about having jared big brother girlfriend, with Kim’s statement it has become much clear that all those are nothing but rumors only.

Who’s Jared’s Big Brother Girlfriend?

Big Brother Jared, as in currently, doesn’t have a girlfriend. Before the show, the 25-year-old shared with his showmance partner, Blue Kim, that he had recently ended a seven-year-long relationship. Despite fans wondering about Fields having a girlfriend, he made it clear that all those are rumors and not correct at all. During the show, he and Blue become very close friends.

Was Kenzo Jared Big Brother Girlfriend?

Many times, Jared Fields had talked about his relationship with Kenzo. In particular, fans got to know about it through his showmance partner Blue Kim that he just got out of a seven-year relationship. Even though he mentioned Kenzo a lot on the show, Jared later said clearly that he was single when he entered the Big Brother house. Now, he’s making plans about something romantic with Blue after the show, but they’re both keeping it real and want to see how things go outside really. 

How Long Did Their Relationship Last?

Jared’s earlier relationship is reported to last around seven years before he started playing on the show. However, by the time he entered the house, the relationship had come to an end and they had separated already. Despite the breakup, however not to mention, Jared seems to have a close relationship with his partner Blue.

Did Jared Have a Girlfriend Before?


Before coming to the show, Big Brother Fields is reported to have a girlfriend. He shared this news with his showmance partner, Blue Kim, that he had recently come out of a seven-year-long relationship. Despite many talks and rumors about Jared big brother girlfriend, he’s now officially clarified that he is single. Though, not to mention, he and Blue have come very close, suggesting to be his new partner potentially.

Does He Have Kids?

 As of what Jared Fields has shared about his personal life, there is no information indicating that he has any children. So far, though he never said anything about having any kids. He is at present only 25 years old and is trying to make his career as an exterminator and basketball coach. He is yet to be married, as of reports.

Is Blue Kim Fields’ Romantic Partner?

So far, Blue Kim didn’t make any suggestion about being Jared big brother girlfriend. They are very close friends, yet that’s just only. They might think about starting romantic relationship after the show, suggested jared. Though, as of now, they have decided to be friends only and rather focus on their lives.

Where is Jared Now?

While details are not as much clear, Jared “JJ” Fields, the famous exterminator and basketball coach from Big Brother 25, seems to be not part of any show currently. As per updates, he is suggested to be still working in pest control. He is trying to explore new projects and make his career on other things too.


So, Fields did have a seven-year-long relationship before he came on the show. However, by the time he joined the show, it had ended already. Despite all, he has now officially confirmed about single. During the season, he might have had a close bond with Blue Kim, suggesting to be jared big brother girlfriend. Though, he is yet to be more open about his relationship with Kim. Till then, we need to put aside all the rumors and talks.


Is Jared and blue big brother still together?

Sadly, Jared and Blue have already ended their relationship and are no longer together.

How old is Jared?

As of now in 2024, Big Brother contestant, Jared Fields, is about 25 years old.

Is Jared currently in a relationship?

Before, Fields was in a relationship with his former girlfriend Blue, yet he is now single.

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