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Most Popular Wall Decor Ideas to Try in 2021

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In all the structures we live in, our offices, our residents, in short, all our living spaces are indispensable elements of physics. Walls are basic building units that keep a house, room, or office alive, but they indeed hold great importance in design and decoration. If we want to create the right place in terms of aesthetics while decorating and designing the places where we live, we must give importance to wall decoration.

A living space with beautiful walls will undoubtedly have a more aesthetic and stunning look than any other living space. Therefore, wall decor occupies a huge place in the design and interior architecture areas. We are putting together some stylish and newly presented wall decor ideas that you must try in 2021.

Shelves – Store & Decorate

The shelf is used for storing and decorating a wide variety of things. This is why their size, color, texture, and design depend on what you want to put them on. To give a new look to the wall, one should choose a shelf of an attractive design. 

Geometric Patterns in Wall Decor

These days geometric patterns are being used the most in decorations. Hexagonal shelves are more prevalent in geometric decor. These give a new touch to the empty wall. Such frames are standard in restaurants or cafes. Triangular shelves look good in a children’s room. The rack can be incorporated into decorations in various ways by experimenting with color.

Hanging Shelf For Indoor Plants

If you want to add a new element to the room without touching the wall, use the hanging shelf. Hanging shelves are mostly used for indoor plants. The rope tied in it gives it a new design. They can also be purchased in multi-layers.

Experiment With a Palette Shelf

Palette shelves can give a new look to an empty room or store more things. If desired, you can paint it with the color of your choice. Artificial plants, candles, and books can be decorated on these.

Wooden Ladder

Ladder-shelf made of wood is a new style for wall decor. You can use it to decorate any corner of your house or to give a unique touch. This kind of experiment looks good on the balcony. Workplaces where there is no space for decoration will come with a wooden ladder-shelf.

Put a Floating Shelf in The Kitchen

If you want a display of many things in the kitchen, then put a wooden shelf. Jars of spices, cups or pottery, etc., can be decorated on these. This will also add texture to the kitchen look. Floating shelves can also be part of the kitchen walls and keep only decoration items and should not burden them with heavy storage.

Other Wall Decor Ideas

Besides keeping the shelf, you can also try many other ideas that sound classical but still in fashion and trend if tried with creativity.

Photo Gallery

Obtaining and displaying the best times of your life is an easy but classic way to decorate a family photo, frame with your credentials, achievements, or artwork. The picture gallery will brighten up the wall behind the couch or any other seating area in your living room.

3D Wallpaper

The Wallpaper creates a style description on your walls. The wallpapers, available in various colors and patterns, work wonders for a room’s overall look and feel. The Wallpaper is easy to apply and easy to remove. You can choose a 3D wallpaper to catch more eyes.

Decorate With Shell

The house can also be decorated with oysters brought from the beach. There are many ways in which you can use oysters. Whether you use oysters for candle stands or in a glass bowl on the center table, you get a nice look on the wall.

Some DIY wall décor Ideas You can Also Try.

Wall décor is one of the important tasks to do for any homeowners. You want to make your wall art big and oversized, but it can be expensive to purchase wall art. Here I wanted to give you one option of things you could make that are affordable that will look so beautiful in the room.


You can easily find tapestry from amazon or another online website. If you do not find the tapestry, you can use the bathroom curtain that I liked as much as the tapestries. In the online market, there is a wide range of products available now. Well, I have found one cost-effective tapestry online. I have picked up under 15, and it was 60 inches by 50 inches, and they have one that is even bigger than that, so you can get something that will cover your wall. When I got the tapestry, it was all folded up. There were a lot of crease marks on it. Then I went through and used one steamer and my iron to get out all the creases marks. If you leave those in and hang it up, it looks good. I did, in the end, steam it as well because some of the creases were hard to get out.

I need to create a frame to hang the tapestry. It’s easy to do—all you need to 4 boards (I like to grab just like the scrap boards). Well, we have 1×2 inch boards. So, we can lay out the tapestry, and then we can put boards around the edges of the tapestry. Marked the panels where you needed to cut them and measure the dimension to fit the tapestry around the edges and staple it in place. It would help if you missed the framing board according to the measurements we have. You spend 20 USD and get a huge wall art piece.

Poster frames

With the help of the poster frame, I can create some fun wall art. We need to get white frames. Take out the white frames, and the size should be 24X36 inches. These three white frames take out the mates that are already inside the frames. We need to pick up three white poster boards, and you can also get them from Walmart. So, I will lay my poster boards out and then put the mat on top of it, and I want to cut off any excess poster board. If you’re going to create the art piece, do not want it to have too much excess. As per my recommendation, you cannot cut it off too much because you need to cover it with the mat. So, you are just leaving maybe like a centimetre around the edges. You can also mark where you are going to cut your poster board. 

Fabric wall hanging

Fabric wall hanging art is an easy and inexpensive way to add color and pattern to your home decor. So, let’s get started. The material you need to are: 

1 Yard of fabric, It may be the Waverly Lovely Lattice Aqua, canvas stretcher bars or a pre-made canvas, scissors, a hammer, and a staple gun. 

If you have a selected range of carpet or bedding you have not been using, repurpose it by hanging it on the wall. Get a tutorial to create your wall hanging from Sugar & Cloth.

Children’s Art

Build your children’s best treasures and showcase them with pride. They will seem like splendid artists and will not have to spend a chance on art; it is a win-win. Well, parents are going to be getting a lot of artwork to display. But the refrigerator is not always the best place to do. Well, parents are going to be getting a lot of painting to say. But the fridge is not still the best place to do. Talk about is a gallery wall, and typically for my clients, when you do a gallery wall, it’s more of a formal thing, but we are going to talk about using children’s artwork to create a gallery wall.


A pegboard looks great anywhere, and you can customize it as satisfying as you want! First, the pegboard is quite a thin piece of wood with pre-drilled holes on it. You can buy this board online, in different sizes.

Well, nowadays, lots of people use pegboard in their garage to hang up tools. But I think it also serves well for craft supplies. Today, we discuss how to install pegboards for a craft closet. Hanging a pegboard can seem a little bit challenging. It would help if you have the right tools for that, and you can install it very quickly. 

Let us take a field trip to the hardware store; pegboard comes in large sheets depending on where you buy it. You can get these cut down to size at your local hardware store. Measured the walls on your closet first, then went to the store and get three pieces that were custom made to fit inside of your wardrobe. The pieces fit above the drawer units in your craft closet. 

Why we choose pegboards? In the pegboards, you can find all the sort of attachments that slip through these holes in the pegboard, and with these attachments, you can hang up tools like scissors, baskets, etc. You can prop up a wooden rod to display your washi tape or ribbon; the options are endless and what you like about these installations. You can show it by placing all the bottles upside down in the container.

Wall décor for Other Home and Buildings

If you like to decorate your wall to make it attractive and show your personality, you can even decorate your inner walls of steel building. If you own a metal loafing sheds or prefab metal building kits, or storage shed, you can try any given idea to make it stand out from ordinary buildings.

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