15 Ways To Save Energy Even With An Air Conditioning System

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The following are 15 ways in which you can save energy even when an air conditioning system is installed in your home:

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1. Do not use home appliances when the outside is too hot

A lot of heat is produced through the appliances that are there in our home and this increases the temperatures with the overworking of the air conditioning system.

When it is a bit cooler outside you can reduce the amount of heat with the use of the machines such as the dryers, oven, and others.

Computers and the TVs along with the lighting bulbs are appliances that generate huge amounts of heat so make sure to shut them off in the day time to reduce your energy consumption bills.

2. Cook Less

The heat that is there in our house tends to rise when you are cooking. You also need to change your diet accordingly and prepare things that can be cooked easily and quickly.

3. Set the thermostat high

You require less cooling when the difference between the temperatures between both the inside and therefore the exterior ones are less. The workload on your air-con unit are often reduced with the minimal use of power once you raise the thermostat settings to the very best comfortable range of temperature.

4. Using air-con and fan together

The performance of the cooling system can be complemented perfectly with that of a ceiling fan and the energy expenses can be minimized as well. The fan usually circulates the cool air to the other parts of the room that increases the energy efficiency of the cooling system while the aircon is good at cooling the air that is around it.

5. Shut the sun off

You need to block the rays of the sun from entering your room if you really want to keep off the hot air. The amount of work that is required by your air-con unit will be minimized in this manner.

The following are the ways in which you can keep the sun out:

• Always keep the doors and windows that face the sun shut.

• Always draw and close in the curtains, blinds, as well as the shutters that are there.

• Lighter colored backings for the curtains can deflect the sun’s rays.

• Block the sun with the use of tints on the windows.

6. While you are away turn off the air conditioner night

You can also turn off the aircon unit in the night time to save air-con energy as the weather in the evening is cooler.

7. Design of Doors and windows

you need to design them in such a manner that involves the installation of weatherproofs.

You should also allow the free flow of air in and out of your house on top of all.       

8. Consider room insulation

You need to prevent the warmer air from entering your house with the well insulation of the wall or your attic and seal off the cracks that are there on the walls.

9. Landscaping

You need to have professional landscapers who would help you to plant the trees, shrubs as well as vines in your compound when you work with them. The growth of this vegetation will help in a lot to safeguard your home from the sunlight.

10. Allow natural light in

The design of your home should be such that it allows natural light to enter into your room during the day time and you also need to avoid the bulbs that produce a lot of heat.

11. Painting the exterior walls in a bright color

This would reduce the amount of energy that is required to cool the house.

12. Installing the right air conditioning system

It is very important for you to select the right type of air conditioning system for your home and also you need to make sure that they suffice the need for your home.