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How does the nursing community impact patient care?

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284 ViewsNursing is a labor of love, and professionals dedicate themselves to patient care and quality to ensure positive treatment outcomes. Nurses devote their time, attention, …

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Deanna Deveney Says Students Should Consider a Career in Public Service for These Reasons

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239 ViewsSearching for career ideas? Public servant Deanna Deveney explains why you should consider a career in public service. Considering career options? There are so many …

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How To Advance Your Nursing Career – Explore Your Options

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668 ViewsAs a nurse, you are habitual of taking care of others and ensuring their comfort. Often you forget your own need to develop yourself personally …

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Tips for Being a Successful Freelancer

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409 ViewsAfter the recent pandemic and with the advent of remote-work technology, being a freelance worker is more common than ever. Thanks to the online world, …