What are the Best Ways to Learn from Other Industries and Projects for Quality Assurance?

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It is very obvious that you will land in the quality assurance (QA) field if you are into or if you are doing research in software engineering and software development. QA stands for quality assurance, and it is defined as the process of software testing quality and giving assurance that the specific software is ready to use for end users. And it will work without any errors and malfunctioning.

There are various activities involved in the quality assurance of software testing on the cloud. All the quality assurance team members have sufficient knowledge of software testing and related kinds of stuff. That is why they are in that specific team. But to learn more and to learn from others’ experiences is also a best practice to increase your knowledge and understanding of software testing quality assurance.

It may be possible that there are some hidden parts of the quality assurance process that you are unable to see, but you can get insights from other industries and projects. There are various webinars and conferences held where experts, professionals, and practitioners from around the globe gather and share their experiences and knowledge. All the professionals seeking careers in those fields must attend those and learn from their experience.

Let us see what are the best ways in which you can learn from other industries and projects for quality assurance.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance in the field of software testing is basically defined as the process that is done to check the software quality and efficiency. Whether the software application will meet the client’s requirement and need or not? The term quality assurance (QA) is made up of combining two words that are quality and assurance. Let us have a brief look over these two terms separately to better understand the term quality assurance of software testing on the cloud.

Quality Assurance on the cloud is the practice of ensuring software quality, reliability, and performance by leveraging cloud-based testing resources, enabling efficient and scalable testing processes. It combines traditional QA methodologies with cloud technology to enhance testing accessibility, collaboration, and efficiency. One such cloud testing platform to be used is LambdaTest.

LambdaTest is an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform to run manual and automated tests at scale. The platform allows you to perform both real-time and automation testing across 3000+ environments and real device cloud.

  • Quality: Quality is a very simple term defined by words. It basically means that if the software is ready and fit for use or not. The quality of software defines how good the software application is. If the various parameters of the software application such as scalability, reliability, functionality, durability, etc up to the mark or according to the client’s requirement and business demand?
  • Assurance: Assurance is defined as satisfaction and a kind of positive signal that the software application has the capability and ability to function. Assurance is the guarantee that the software will work without malfunctioning and error. There may be some chance that some hidden bugs are left but there should not be any malfunctioning and error of the software quality.
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Best Ways to Learn from Other Industries and Projects for Quality Assurance

  • Cross-Industry Benchmarking

Cross-industry benchmarking is one of the most important and effective ways to learn from other industries for quality assurance. In the realm of software testing, various tools and frameworks play a crucial role, and understanding their adoption across different sectors can provide valuable insights. Cross-industry benchmarking is defined as the process of executing a systematic comparison of various software testing parameters, incorporating best practices, diverse testing processes, and performance metrics from different industry sectors.

There are several things that can be taken into account for conducting cross-industry benchmarking, including the evaluation of testing tools such as Selenium, Playwright, and Cypress. For instance, a real-life example involves conducting a cross-industry benchmark within the health sector to examine how these industries manage patient data, ensuring privacy maintenance through tools like Selenium. Another example could explore how the gaming industry leverages tools like Playwright to enhance user experiences and manage engagement on a global scale.

By incorporating these testing tools into cross-industry benchmarking, organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of industry-specific testing practices, identify gaps, explore opportunities, and stay informed about new technology innovations. This approach enables quality assurance professionals to enhance their strategies by adopting the best practices and tools employed across diverse industry sectors.

  • Online Community and Platforms

Online communities and useful platforms are a great way to learn from other competitive industries and projects for the QA team members. These online communities and platforms help a lot to engage with similar community members across various geographical areas around the globe. Engaging with these helps to get a chance to exchange information, knowledge, and best practices for the software application development process on the cloud that alternatively results in a great software application quality. You can use the helpful experience insights to make your software journey more productive and efficient.

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There are various ways of joining these online communities and platforms to learn from other industries and projects. These are various online forums, daily, weekly, and monthly blogs, listening to podcasts, attending webinars, etc. Also, you can join some online training courses to learn from other industries and projects and this will help you to improve your productivity and knowledge of a specific technological topic. These online courses cover different topics such as QA methodologies, tools, techniques, trends, or challenges

When you join any online community or platform, you get a chance to meet people of similar backgrounds and you get a lot of learnings from these experts, enthusiasts, and practitioners. You get a different perspective that is not yet seen by you. and this will automatically lead to improvement in your wisdom and growth of the quality assurance of your firm and yourself too.

  • Project Post Mortems

Project post-mortems is another effective and important way to learn from other industries and projects in the quality assurance field. Project post-mortems in the field of software application quality assurance are defined as the process of full detailed reviewing of the software test success and failures. These successes and failures help the QA team members to get a clear view of how they have done the process and what are the learnings that you can learn from these project post-mortems. For example, suppose you have to conduct a post-mortem of a specific project.

You canYou can do it if you can test what is the difference between test successes and test failures for that software application. How the testing scopes are managed by the testing team of that specific software. What are the different test resources and how the testing was scheduled? How the team detected and dealt with the hidden bugs and errors, best practices taken during the software application testing process on the cloud, etc. All these parameters can be taken into account to learn from other industries and projects. In this way, you can gain insights, valuable feedback, and expert recommendations that can help you avoid future mistakes, improve your performance, and increase your value as a QA professional.

  • Industry Events and Conferences
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Attending industry events and conferences is proven to be one of the most valuable and efficient ways to learn from other industries and projects over time. There are various specific tech seminars and conferences held over a period of time where a lot of tech experts related to software testing and cloud testing gather to exchange information. In these seminars, you get a lot of learning about the new and latest technology trends that are very beneficial for freshers and experienced quality assurance teams.

The industry tech leads showcase the latest developments, innovations, and achievements in QA and related domains.

For example, you can attend seminars and conferences that are held on topics such as software testing and quality assurance. One of the popular examples of a conference is the International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability, and Security. The 23rd QRS conference will be held from October 22-26, 2023 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • Monitoring and Coaching

The fifth and very important way to learn from other industries and projects is to get monitoring and coaching from the competitive industries and projects. Monitoring and coaching in terms of software quality assurance is defined as the process of facilitating the skill and information exchange. This exchange of knowledge is done among the different QA professionals at different levels of experience and team expertise. For example, look for a mentor or coach who can help you to guide you through your quality assurance process.

Always look for a mentor or coach who has experience and skill in the professional field of technology, that is quality assurance and software testing on cloud in this case. These mentors will help you to increase your skills, sharpen them, and improve testing efficiency and quality by giving valuable support and guidelines during the software quality testing execution. All these will help a lot to teach you from other industries and projects in the field of software testing and quality assurance.


Learning from other industries and projects is a very important and essential part that helps to increase the skill of a QA team member. Always look for an opportunity where you can learn from other technology experts and professionals. There are various ways in which you can learn from other industries and projects for quality assurance.

These are cross-industry benchmarking, online community and support groups, performing the projects post-mortems, attending online events and conferences, etc. Hope you have an idea of how to learn from other industries and projects for quality assurance after reading this article. Happy learning!