7 fun games you can play using a live casino online!


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If you want to spend your time playing casino games, we don’t blame you! This fun and exciting way to play card games with others can help test your bluffing skills, your strategy skills, and your patience. Instead of having to travel all the way to the nearest casino – which can sometimes take hours by car – why not use a live casino online?

Using an online platform that has various games like 4D lotto Malaysia for you to play with other users from around the world means that you can choose from a wide variety of games. You can do this in the comfort of your own home and you can meet people from all over the globe! Let’s see a few of the most common online games that you can play during your next gaming sessions – why not branch out and try some new casino games? After all, you will probably find something that you really enjoy!

7 fun live casino online games for you to try!

First, what should you look for when you are choosing the online games for the casino? Make sure you find a website that is reputable and well-reviewed in the industry. If you do some search engine searches about the web page and you find the company does not have a good reputation, look elsewhere – only choose online gaming sites that have thousands of favorable user reviews and have a history of paying their users on time and upfront. 

Furthermore, with live casino online games, make sure you find games that are fun to play, provide a good payout, and have a higher chance of winning. Instead of spending all of your hard-earned money through online games that never give you any money in return, you need to find at least a few games that will provide a bigger return than other riskier games. 

Live blackjack

One of the most popular online games when it comes to a casino is live blackjack. This is a quintessential card game where you play against the dealer. Although there are two main versions – seven-seat black jacket and unlimited blackjack – you can choose the type of blackjack that works for your personal preferences. Typically, the seven-seat blackjack is fun for those who are playing with friends, since you will know the other six people at your table. With unlimited blackjack, it is basically you vs. the dealer, as there is an unlimited number of other people playing the game simultaneously. 

Live roulette

The second type of live casino online game that you can play is live roulette. This is one of the most popular games – and for good reason! Since it involves very little skill and only a small learning curve, you can immediately begin playing the game as a newbie in the online casino world. When choosing the online casino that you want to use, they are all similar, but your choice comes down to personal preference on the gameplay, the interface, stake choices, and the dealers. 

Live baccarat

This live casino online game is very popular in the Middle East and Asian countries, but you will find it less so in markets like the United State and Europe – however, we really recommend trying this game! Not only is it a staple for online gaming sites, but it is good to branch out from your typical card games. Usually, you will find that typical baccarat is available on most sites, along with unique versions like controlled squeeze or mini-baccarat. 

Live casino hold’em

Another type of online card game that you will enjoy is live casino hold ‘em. This classic Texas hold ‘em card game is one of the most popular for online and in-person card games alike! In this match, you will find that it is the same as Texas hold ‘em, but you are only paying against the online dealer – in this case, you each get two cards and you decide whether you should raise your cards or if you should fold. This simple game is addicting, fun to play, and can have a high payout if you use reputable live casino online websites. 

Live sic bo

This online game is quite different from the other options on this list. Containing no cards, this game is a dice game – somewhat like Yahtzee – that is very popular in Asian countries and Asian casinos. Sic bo is a typical East Asian game where you bet on the three cards that are being played on the table – you can choose between either Sic Bo, Super Sic Bo, or Multiplayer Sic Bo at various online gaming websites. Looking for a live casino online? Make sure you find a website that has live sic bo! 

Live three-card poker

Another popular live casino online game that you can choose from on many gaming websites is live three-card poker. This new card game is a fun choice for those who are bored of roulette or hold ‘em. It requires a little bit more thought and needs the user to have more card skills than just guessing about where to go higher or fold – this live casino online game really tests your poker skills!

Live Dragon Tiger

Another East-Asian card game, this live casino online game is an easy to play, fast-paced, and fun option for those who like betting against the dealer. In this game, the dealer gets one card and you get one card – you bet which card will be highest, and that’s it! The simplicity and the fun nature of this game have made it a popular staple in online gaming communities and casino websites. 


As you can see, using live casino online games is one way that you can win some money, pass the time, and test your poker skills against the dealer and other players around the world. By branching out and trying some new online games, like East-Asian table games of Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, or Baccarat, you can find a new online game that you love! You can also stick with traditional card favorites like Texas hold ’em or blackjack for fun!