How a HydraFacial and Cleanser Can Help Your Skin


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A HydraFacial is a professional facial you can receive at med spas across the country. It is considered a skin detoxification. It provides a deep clean of the skin and improves circulation as well. There are a few different types of hydrafacials offered at most reputable med spas. Here are a few of them as well as what they improve:

  • Hydraglucan Intense Hydration Booster — skin cell renewal, hydration
  • Brightalive Booster —  brightens skin tone, reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation 
  • CronoPeptide Booster —  reduces wrinkle depth, improves skin’s natural glow
  • ProTect Plus Booster — antioxidant protection; reduces skin redness, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydropeptide Power Serum Booster — reduces signs of aging, boosts volume and hydration

These are only a handful of the many options available to you. You can choose which treatment to get after talking to an esthetician. You could even space out your treatments and try new booster shots. It is entirely up to you If you find one that really works, stick with it and notice the immediate positive change in your skin.

If you cannot get this as often as you want, you could look at refreshing your face with some face masks from the store, though they may not be as intensive as a HydraFacial.

Storebought Face Masks

Often, masks found at the store have a primary focus. Though they may enrich your skin in many ways, there is one way at which a particular mask will excel. Some common purposes of masks include 


Exfoliating masks generally are not sheet masks. They will likely be found in a tube or other dispenser. The point of an exfoliating mask is to gently get rid of any dead skin that has built up on your face. When exfoliating, it is important to not do it daily. On your face, two times a week should be fine. If you do it more, you might irritate your face and have the opposite effect on it than what you wanted.


If you want your skin to be radiant, try masks that advertise glowing as their primary purpose. These masks may be infused with gold. While the gold is a fun addition, it is not necessary to receive the glow that you want. These masks can come in a dispenser or as a sheet mask, and you can choose which style appeals to you the most. 


While all masks are supposed to be cleansing, some have the primary or sole purpose of deep cleaning your skin. These can also be found as a sheet mask, but you are more likely to find them in a dispenser of some sort. Do not use these as a replacement for daily cleansers.


Some masks hydrate your skin. This is especially helpful for right after a shower or before bed. Making sure your skin stays hydrated is a great way to keep signs of aging at bay.


The bottle should tell you how often you should use the product. It should also say how long to leave it on for before washing. Some masks don’t require washing and work best when left on the skin to absorb; this is the philosophy behind many overnight masks. If anything is confusing you, talk to your doctor, esthetician, or dermatologist. If you have a smaller face, try opting for a non-sheet mask as the perforated lines and pre-cut holes may not align with your face. Many companies sell clay and gel mask applicators. These tend to look like a brush-shaped piece of silicone with a handle. 

You could try using clay or gel masks on areas of your body that are more sensitive/acne prone, such as your back and chest. Before using these masks anywhere, make sure to do a patch test on a location such as the inside of your elbow

Daily Cleansers

Skin treatments and face masks are excellent ways to take care of your skin, but they should go in conjunction with daily cleansers and moisturizers instead of replacing them. Just because you are getting your skin treated at a med spa or using a face mask a few times a week doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need a daily cleanser.

These cleansers are often more gentle and meant to remove day-to-day buildup, such as dead skin, dirt, sweat, and makeup. The more you use a daily cleanser, the less likely you are to have skin problems that stem from bacteria. Some problems are genetic or not bacteria-related, so be sure that you do not have an underlying issue that requires more medication.

It’s important not to overuse a daily cleanser the same way it is important not to overuse a face mask or a medical skin treatment. Make sure you are not drying out your skin. Also, you should moisturize after. It’s okay to use multiple moisturizers, and it is preferable if one contains hyaluronic acid. This can help your skin stay hydrated and bacteria-free. 

Why Take Care of Our Skin?

Think of this as a way to treat yourself instead of it being another thing to worry about. When our skin is doing well, we do well. The skin is the largest organ in the entire body and it deserves care. Better skin can help with self-confidence as well as slow down the signs of aging. 

Not to mention, most people feel physically uncomfortable if their skin is ridden with dead skin or bacteria. Now that good daily cleansers have become so accessible (gone are the days of saving up for high-end cleansers now that more affordable brands offer great results), it has become easier than ever to take care of our skin.

On days where we are more tired, it gets hard to take the extra steps for our skin, but it is very rewarding. Some things to do besides cleansers, treatments, and masks are:

  • Changing your pillowcase every week to two weeks
  • Washing your hair/scalp at least twice a week
  • Monitoring to see if any makeup products give your skin a reaction

When you care for your skin, you care for yourself.