Jesus Marquez is ambitious to become the biggest collector in the world


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You’ve likely heard about people collecting post stamps, coins, etc. However, antique tools and vises aren’t as popular. But that hasn’t deterred Jesus Marquez from setting his sights on becoming the world’s biggest antique vise collector. 

Born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Marquez moved to the United States at a very young age. He was a born hustler and in fact, Jesus Marquez always had an entrepreneurial mindset, which led him to start his own venture. Today, he owns several businesses that fuel his ability to acquire more antique tools and vises. 

Though it was in 2016 that Marquez began his notorious collection, he now ranks among the top five collectors in the United States. That is indeed an achievement. However, the passion for collecting tools and vises didn’t emerge out of thin air. 

Marquez was always a handyman and enjoyed collecting tools as a child. What piqued his interest in collecting tools and vises was that these tools were fundamental to building America into the great nation it is today. He understood their importance and wanted to collect them.

The vise collection community is slowly growing, but it’s still a small niche that most people don’t understand. You’re unlikely to know much about it if you don’t like tools or antiques. Jesus Marquez’s brand, Mexashop1, represents his antique tool collection as well as himself. It’s not necessarily a company; rather, it’s a testament to who Marquez is and his love for collecting antique vises and tools.

The best part is that Marquez has developed a stellar strategy for growing his collection. He went about it like a tech-savvy person in the modern era, using social media and his social presence to get the best deals and the rarest pieces. This dynamic entrepreneur would join groups on Facebook and other social media platforms, connecting with fellow antique vise collectors. 

This is not all! He would then regularly post on Instagram Stories to reach new people interested in antiques. Doing so not only allowed him to connect with other collectors and acquire their pieces, but it also helped him develop a more robust online presence. 

The strategy has provided great yields because Jesus Marquez continues to grow his collection as he strives to become the biggest antique vises collector globally, not just in the United States. It’s also given Marquez an edge over his competitors because they’re not as tech-savvy, meaning they’re not leveraging the power of social media to their advantage. 

Moreover, what sets him apart from others is the fact that Marquez believes that the right mindset is instrumental to growth and success. He credits his success to his mindset and rightfully so as he is certain that you can’t reach your destination if you don’t believe in yourself.

In addition to being one of the most successful and recognizable antique vises collectors, Marquez has numerous other achievements that have flown under the radar. He started multiple successful businesses in the United States despite being an undereducated immigrant from Mexico who never went to school past the ninth grade. 

However, it doesn’t matter because Marquez has an unwavering belief in himself. He doesn’t need his achievements appreciated because he knows what he’s worth and what he has done. As a Mexican immigrant in the United States, people always doubted him, which prompted him to take his independent route and make something for himself. Regardless, he’s succeeded because he’s a problem-solver. He often acquires vises that need restoration, which he does himself at one of his shops.

As for the foreseeable future, Jesus Marquez has grand plans he wishes to accomplish. He sees himself as the biggest collector in the world. He also wants to start a museum to showcase his vises and anvils, including The Parker 360X Vise and the Prentiss Wood Show Display. In addition, he also plans to start a few more business ventures in Albuquerque.