Lauren Doral Seamlessly Matches Fashion with Cars to Showcase Her Signature American Style


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When most people think about American style, they imagine denim jeans and vintage cars, but Lauren Doral wants to leave her own imprint on it. So if you like fast cars and dressing up fashionably with an edge, you’ll like what Lauren brings to the table. Born and raised in an affluent community along the Jersey Shore that prides itself on preppy attire similar to the old money style, the fashion influencer is using her background in design, fashion, etiquette, and film to help people find and express themselves through style. 

Lauren Doral went to high school in Rumson, NJ, before moving to New York City to study film and television production at the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. Her time in Manhattan exposed her to new individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life, prompting her to pick up the edge in her style. She studied street style, hip-hop, urban-influenced dance, art, language, and culture as she familiarized herself with different backgrounds.

This education would also prove pivotal because urban and street-style fashion has become integral to her edgy style today. After graduating from Tisch, Lauren began working in the fashion industry for designers like Armani, Gianfranco Ferre, etc. She also started making clothes for the coveted retailer Barneys. Eventually, she gained experience on the opposite end of the spectrum as she learned to produce garments for Walmart and other mass-market retailers. 

Since then, she has learned to merge her conservative and classic dressing sensibilities with a more modern and bold New York edge. This marriage of styles has allowed her to create styles that look like designer pieces at a fraction of the cost, propelling her to stardom on the internet, especially as everyday people follow her on social media to learn more about her signature style. 

In addition to marrying two opposite fashion styles, Lauren has also cultivated a signature style by featuring fast cars in bright colors as staples of her photoshoots. The style influencer is particularly fond of her blue BMW F80 M3. A quick scan of her Instagram page shows that the vehicle features prominently in her images. The car has become part of her signature style because most people don’t associate the BMW M3 as a vehicle for female drivers, let alone mothers. 

However, the car has contributed to Lauren Doral’s fame, especially in her area. Most people are mesmerized by it as this stylish diva drives through the neighborhood, prompting people of all ages, races, and colors to inquire about it. But the car is more than a prop for Lauren’s photoshoots. It represents her love for automobiles, and more importantly, the vehicle personifies her personality, which is unique, bold, and stylish. 

In addition to paving her way as a style icon, Lauren has countless other achievements. For starters, she’s a mother of two. But more impressively, she conceived both children at home through home births – a procedure that less than one percent of women opt for on their first pregnancy. Moreover, Lauren is an accomplished black belt in Goju Ryu Karate, having won multiple awards as an active competitor. She’s also a promising filmmaker, having won awards for her film work at Tisch, which led her to earn a coveted place on the school’s publicity team. She also works with the independent production company Miramax films. 

In addition to being a style icon and a celebrated filmmaker, Lauren Doral also has her own sponsored interview series about Jersey Shore. The series presents a fresh perspective on the shore town suburb, telling stories about the residents through a fresh perspective. She continues to make impressive strides in her career, but her attention remains on becoming a leading international style icon and working with respected and up-and-coming designers.