Seven Amazingly Free Ways to Promote Instagram Handle

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With over one billion active users, Instagram is one of the most accessible social media platforms to reach the target audience. With that, we don’t mean you randomly create an account and post palooza and begin expecting some fantastic results. Platform’s rapid evolution suggest strategies that worked a year before might not work this year; you need to be wise and strategic to promote your Instagram handle! This blog post has broken down seven actionable ways that level up the Insta game in no time. 

1. Buy Instagram followers 

When buying Instagram followers, being a digital strategist, I refer to counting upon a seller with a breadth of knowledge. Unfortunately, most companies are con artists who use robots to deliver followers, likes or views to their customers. It has drastically ruined the image of some white hat sellers, too, like Buzzoid – it is a  reliable social media COMPANY  working for decades to deliver unrivalled and genuine social media services to clients worldwide. Since the trend of gaining likes, followers, or views is unlikely to slow down, the best tip is to amalgamate both paid services and organic promotion to heap maximum benefit. 

2. Bolster up content production 

There is a considerable variety of content that you can publish to fill up your feed, be it bite-sized videos, customer photos, user-generated content or memes. Since you are interested in expanding the reach of your handle, we suggest being experimenting with the content. We mean ramping up the content production and deciding what type of content can work best for you. It is crucial to have a robust strategy in place and use the data wisely to create more successful content. 

3. Try branded and industry hashtag 

As said earlier, the quick fix for the Instagram handle is to acquire Instagram followers that burgeon the promotion to the extent you want. Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, it is crucial to incorporate a solid hashtag strategy. Many renowned celebrities or brands use their hashtag in bio, and millions of their loyal fans organically use the tag too to promote it. Beyond the branded hashtag, one can also use industry hashtags to make posts more searchable. There are hashtag analytical tools that find out what resonates well with the brand and help you optimize the keyword strategy quite effortlessly. 

4. Work with influencers to expand the reach 

Influencer marketing means a paid relationship with another Instagram account with a massive fan base and whose opinion matters more than you. REMEMBER, the influencer you partner up with must have the exact audience you need. Getting followers through it is a seamless process; however, finding influencers can be a daunting task. But once you do, it can be a cost-efficient way to grow the sales. The aim is to foster engagement and give the brand the recognition it deserves. 

5. Run a contest or giveaway

Research shows that a brand that runs the contest can grow the handle over 70% faster than a brand that doesn’t. You probably have noticed that a random post with a giveaway or contest has an incredibly increased amount of engagement. Done correctly, a contest can bring a lot of followers and engagement. So when you want to promote social media handles, running a contest at least once is good to know the waters and whether contests are good for the long run or not. 

6. Optimize the profile for promotion

Your Instagram account is the one thing that a fan or user sees when he lands on your profile. An Instagram handle that is optimized accurately can gain more recognition than a brand that follows no strategy for account’s aesthetics. There are not too many things to work on. You need to work on a clear profile photo, catchy bio, trackable URL. Not to mention the username, it should be short and precise that one can easily remember. 

7. Take advantage of Instagram stories 

A Snapchat like feature has turned Instagram upside down; every brand takes advantage of it to get a better insight into customers’ opinions or engage with the audience in a better way. However, when it comes to story content, the sky is the limit as we don’t merely suggest publishing user-generated or behind-the-scenes photos. Post whatever represents your brand to some extent, and remember to be consistent.