Things to know before buying Patio covers

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The patio cover is indispensable for enjoying your terrace during the summer. It guarantees effective protection against strong exposure to the sun, gusts of wind and bad weather. LA custom blinds Play a decorative role and enhances your outdoor furniture design.  

How to choose a patio cover?

If you live in a particularly windy region, the best choice would be a cover with adjustable or closed blades instead of sheets. A patio cover is also chosen according to the materials. For this, you can choose between models with a structure in wood, aluminium, or PVC or between mixed models. It integrates perfectly into a garden and can considerably affect the appearance of your home.

It is also very weatherproof, providing it is regularly maintained and treated. Aluminium covers offer several advantages: aluminium is a lightweight, robust and easy-to-maintain material. It also offers a contemporary design and is available in a wide colour palette.

The PVC model is a good alternative for smaller budgets. It is affordable to buy and requires little maintenance in the long run. You can also mix different materials for the design of your patio cover. The most popular associations are those between wood, glass and aluminium. Patio covers Los Angeles is ideal for obtaining unique and original results.

Types of patio covers on the market

The terrace can be covered in different ways: with a canopy, a pergola, a garden pergola or a terrace cover with a telescopic opening.

The shelter

The canopy is a good choice to cover your terrace. The shelter surprises with its elegance and its authentic charm. It stands out for its curved roof, which is an extension of the house. The roof structure is usually transparent and allows maximum light to pass through. Furthermore, the shelter can be very useful. In summer, it allows you to enjoy the outdoors more, and in winter, it can serve as a garden shed for storing garden furniture and gardening tools.

The pergola

It is a solution for shading that will allow you to create a corner in the open air where you can rest while enjoying the benefits of the sun. In the rainy season, however, the pergola offers an outdoor space protected from severe weather and violent winds. You can then choose between different models of pergolas.

The advantage is that their construction does not require major work. On the other, the self-supporting pergolas are independent and equipped with four support pillars. 

The garden pergola

The garden pergola is known to be a real oasis of peace and thus protect from the heat and the sun. It allows you to furnish a space that forms the connection between the outside and the inside of the house. Particularly customizable, the pergola can have different shapes (round, rectangular or square). In the case of demountable and folding pergolas, it is better to favour metal structures.

Which type of patio cover to choose according to your budget?

Before choosing a patio cover, it would be good to compare the rates to find the model that combines quality design and an affordable price. The price range generally varies according to specific criteria, in particular the type of roofing, the materials used, the manpower and the type of terrain. The terrace canopy can be attached, foldable, self-supporting or bioclimatic.

The leaning or wall coverings constitute the continuation of the house’s facade. These can be pergolas, pergolas, canopies or covers with a telescopic opening. There are also roofs for terraces called “self-supporting”, which do not need support. For this, they are equipped with a fixed structure and sturdy supports. They can also be found on the market for bioclimatic pergolas. They allow you to regulate the temperature under the pergola better to guarantee optimal comfort for its users. As far as installation costs are concerned, patio covers are available in kits or made to measure.