What is Customer Experience (CX)? Why does it matter for your business?


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In today’s business scenario, maintaining good customer relations is more important than ever. Customers now are more empowered, and they want a rewarding customer experience. If they do not get from your business, they choose another. And just one negative experience is enough to lose customers.

Delivering positive customer experiences can help you win customer satisfaction and drive revenue in the long run. Every customer interaction – from the moment customers decide a purchase to all the steps toward buying your product or service contributes to the customer experience.

Positive customer experience creates values not just for the customer, but for your business as well. As such, investing into a comprehensive customer solution that helps you deliver superior customer experience is essential to stay relevant.

What is customer experience (CX)?

Customer experience is the experience customers feel on their purchasing journey. It is something more than the satisfaction at various purchasing or transaction levels. Giving good experience can drive impressive business outcomes and it leaves a increasing effect on your customer’s impression of your brand.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide a pleasant experience from the beginning of the customer journey to the end.

What is needed for delivering good customer experience?

  • A good CX strategy is needed to deliver a valuable, positive and unique experience at the journey level – no matter the touch point or customer satisfaction. Strategy should consider insights, market data, strategic goals, and initiatives. Moreover, the strategy should cover all departments, so that everyone can deliver customer experience.
  • Invest in technology solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 that is capable to grab customer feedback from various channels, survey results and other data into a centralized location.

Just as a physical store leaves a positive impact, so should your online store. Visitors to your online store should get the same experience when they navigate website for their desired products.

Why customer experience (CX) matters to your business?

Boost customer satisfaction and brand trust

Customer experience is important to meet customer’s expectations. You must be precise to provide the service they anticipate. When you deliver what you promised and surprise them with care and support, there would be an increase in customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

Most of the customer’s purchasing decision is based on what they experience through their buying journey. Therefore , delivering a positive experience along their journey enhances brand recognition and revenue.

Helps to get new customers

Good customer experiences turn new shoppers into loyal customers. It influences buyers and ensure they continue purchasing from your store always. Quality experience is a valued asset for your business.

Customer service paves the way for feedback from all types of customers who are happy or unhappy. Of course, there would be positive feedback for your business but responding positively to negative feedback will make a difference.

Respond politely to the negative feedback and assure that you are doing your best to find a solution. Once customers know that their concerns are being listened to, they will feel more satisfied and become your loyal customers. 

Increase customer base

New customers often rely on feedback by others before making a purchase decision. Positive reviews from delighted customers will help you turn prospects into customers. Treat your new customers with significant importance and increase your customer base.

Gaining new customers is more important than maintaining existing customers. Therefore, delivering positive customer experience is more significant than ever to increase your customer base and revenue.

Gain competitive advantage from your competitors

Good customer experience can help you stand out from your competitors. There are certain factors that enhance the customer experience – how you greet and treat customers when they come to your store to buy, and so on. You have a better chance to earn customer’s trust by making each of them feel special and unique. All these can make the difference and separate you from the rest of your competitors.

Increase revenue

Good customer service will result in a huge increase to your revenue. You must embrace a customer-centric strategy to improve your business outcomes. Today, customers have the power to make your business more profitable and growth oriented. So put customer experience at the center of what you do. If you want to accomplish your business goals, you must adopt technology solutions that help you deliver superior experiences to customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: The solution that empowers Customer Experience (CX)

Accelerating customer experience needs platform that can help organizations to implement a well-defined CX strategy. Today’s reliable solution for customer experience is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Here are some of the reasons

Dynamics 365 is:

  • Intelligent and insightful
  • Based on common data platform
  • Highly secure with multi-layered security mechanisms
  • Automated
  • Innovative and data-driven

When you give top priority on customer experience, invest in the right Dynamics 365 solution with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you customer service agents listen empathetically to your customers and helps deliver a personalized experience to them. This helps them to attend and resolve customer issues properly.

With a deep understanding of their feelings, your agents can predict follow-up questions and answer them actively. This can create a direct effect on customer satisfaction and the sales.

You can rely on the expertise of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partnersto get the right application implemented. Their Dynamics 365 consultants will help you with right Dynamics 365 implementation, support and training. They will even customize the application as per your business preference and needs.

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