10 Tips To Buy Used Machinery


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The internet is the easiest way to find the best offers for used machines these days. Machineseeker.com – our online marketplace – has more than 200,000 used machines and provides some of the largest offers from verified dealers. With over 9 million visitors a month, we are the leading marketplace for used machinery in Europe. We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and these are our 10 most valuable pieces of advice for buying used machines online.

Used machines cost a large sum of money. That’s why you need to be cautious when buying used machinery. In fact, our platform doesn’t conduct transactions directly via the internet. As a prospective buyer, you should send an inquiry to the seller by using an inquiry form or contact them directly over the phone. 

1. Get a market overview

Machineseeker.com provides an overview of all the different types of used machines out there. You can use the search, detailed search, or category overview for this purpose.

2. Compare offers for machines

Don’t buy the first used machine that you come along with. Make sure to compare offers from different sellers before making your purchasing decision.

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3. Pay attention to trust seals

All the listings of dealers are certified by Machineseeker.com and marked with a trust seal. In fact, a trusted dealer can be certified to show that they are trustworthy. Visit the surplus database for a range of used machinery. 

4. Compare financing

Obtain several financing offers and inform yourself in detail before buying the machine. You have a great opportunity to save money that way. You should take some time to compare offers before deciding which offer suits you the best.

5. Ask for references

Don’t forget to ask the dealer for references. This is important to get a better impression of the business partner.

6. Inspect and test the machine

Before purchasing the used machine, you should thoroughly inspect and test it. It will ensure the machine is in the described condition.

7. Negotiate the purchase price of the machine

Negotiate the price of the machine before you pay your hard-earned money to the seller. In fact, a simple demand will be good enough at times to get you the necessary discount.

8. Use a sample sales contract

Avoid legal disputes in advance by using our sample sales contract. Our sample sales contract is available in 9 languages and can be immediately downloaded from the website as a PDF – free of charge.

9. Ask for documentation

Get documentation on the history of the used machinery. Has the unit been serviced properly at the prescribed intervals? Don’t forget to get the operating instructions.

10. Handle the transport of the machine yourself

The dealer will earn money by offering to transport your machine. If you can handle the transportation by yourself, you can easily save money in the process.

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