Olivia Mae Bae (oliviamaebae) Real Name– All about the Rising Social Media Sensation

Oliviamaebae is super famous in the US! Everyone knows her and follows her posts. Discover Olivia Mae Bae real name.


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She’s affectionately referred to by her fans as Olivia Mae Bae or Allecatxoxo. Many people want to know Olivia Mae Bae real name. Olivia gained widespread recognition through her captivating model shots shared on her Instagram profile. Olivia Mae Bae, a fitness model and influencer, hails from the United States, specifically Denver, Colorado. Identified as an American of White ethnicity, she also goes by the nickname Alliecat.

Quick Bio

Full NameOlivia Mae Bae
Date of Birth1 January 2000
Age24 years old 
Height5 feet 9 inches (175 centimeters)
WeightApproximately 141 pounds (64 kilograms)
Measurements34-24-35 inches (86-61-89 centimeters)
ResidenceDenver, Colorado, United States
OccupationFitness model, social media influencer
Net WorthEstimated $2.5 million 

What’s the Age of Olivia Mae Bae?

Olivia Mae Bae is 24 years of age. Note that she was born on January 1, 2000.

What is the Career of Olivia Mae Bae?


Image credit- celeblifesbiography.com

Olivia is super popular for her fitness modeling and social media presence. She shares tons of stuff about her life, workouts, and modeling pics on Instagram, where she’s got nearly 3 million followers. She even has another account with almost 81 thousand followers. On TikTok, her account Oliviamaebae has over 486 thousand followers and 2.5 million likes! She mostly posts videos of lip-syncing, dancing, working out, and funny stuff. Olivia extends her reach onto multiple platforms with almost 360 thousand followers on Twitter. Additionally, she is an adult content creator who uses platforms like OnlyFans to share explicit content with her audience.

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What is Oliviamaebae net worth?

Buzz South Africa details that Olivia Mae Bae has amassed an estimated net worth of $2.5 million from various revenue streams that include her social media modeling career, endorsements, and her adult content creator account on OnlyFans.

Who is the Husband/Boyfriend of Olivia Mae Bae?

Olivia Mae Bae makes sure to keep her fans guessing in regards to her relationship status. Oliviamaebae has been entertaining fans throughout her career as a talented social media influencer however she has refused to share any info regarding her current husband or boyfriend. As you know, relationships are personal and private matters that may or may not be discussed in public. Olivia has respectfully chosen not to share and we need to keep supporting and respecting her wishes. Our fanfare for Olivia should be devoted to her incredible impact on social media and the influence she has on her loyal fan base.

Whether she is in a relationship or not, her amazing talent and dedication shine through in her content, which speaks inspiration to her immense following. Let’s raise our glass to Olivia Mae Bae for all of her extraordinary accomplishments and the happiness she brings into our lives through her content!

What are Some Interesting Facts about Oliviamaebae?

Here are some fun facts about the social media influencer:

She has a pet cat.

She enjoys creating videos.

Her favorite choice of outfits includes leggings.

As her social media following continues to rise, it is becoming more evident that she is not your average “influencer.” Oliviamaebae is making a significant mark on digital platforms in the most impressive way, showcasing her many talents and versatile image as a fitness model, entrepreneur, and more. Her posts are the type that people look forward to not only seeing but engaging with as she models the latest fashion trends with jaw-dropping shots and captures her daily epic workouts.

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Oliviamaebae is making headlines as both an influential content creator and a breakout star due to her remarkable success in not only captivating the masses but also achieving extraordinary results. So, as we can see Oliviamaebae is not just another social media personality. She is a talented and multi-faceted man about town with a colossal reach and entertainment tycoon. Ageless visage, towering figure, and craft haven’t hurt.

While she may have made her fortune through a relatable digital platform, what has truly set her light years apart is her unfettered access to the hearts of a dedicated following. Fittingly, the uniquely breathtaking, and legitimately groundbreaking Oliviamaebae is that rare trend blazer whose “backstage” realness unveils as much as it entertains. And as she continues making waves throughout the zenith of her career, it seems likely that this is only the beginning. She has already burned a permanent place in its evolving landscape. Her legacy is as boundless as her imagination and it will not soon be forgotten.


Q1: What are some fun facts about Oliviamaebae?

A: Oliviamaebae has a pet cat and enjoys creating videos, and her favorite choice of outfits includes leggings.  

Q2: How would you describe Oliviamaebae’s impact and legacy in the digital world?

A: Oliviamaebae is recognized as more than just a social media personality; she is a multi-faceted talent making a significant impact in the digital space. Her success, versatility, and dedicated following contribute to her lasting legacy.