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The things Dubai is known for are surely beautiful but that is not the only thing that completes a Dubai experience. Gems are hidden in the majestic land of Dubai and a travel partner like Next Holidays always strives to unravel those gems to make your trips interesting and exciting. One such hidden gem of Dubai that will steal your heart is the Dubai Desert Safari. People think it is only a spot for a Desert Safari photoshoot ideas but it is much more than that. It wraps you in the arms of thrill and solace at the same time. 

So, let’s know everything about Dubai Desert Safari and make sure that our experience is top-notch.

Dubai Desert Safari

Will it be something new to hear if we say the town of Dubai is luxurious? Not at all! You might be thinking that the Dubai Desert Safari must also be a luxurious experience. On the contrary, Dubai Desert Safari is a natural experience that seems out of the world once you have seen the lavish lifestyle of Dubai. While Dubai is a city filled with crowds of tourists and residents, the Dubai Desert Safari is an escape for you. 

It is filled with activities that can inject thrills in you like nothing else and spare you some moments of peace nowhere to be found in the hustle culture of today’s age. The activities you can indulge in during your Desert Safari in Dubai are camping, dune bashing, viewing the sunset or sunrise, taking part in cultural activities, spectating traditional dance and music, having a BBQ dinner, surfing on the sand, and riding a camel or a quad bike. 

Types of Desert Safari in Dubai

As described earlier, the Dubai Desert Safari is a soulful experience with numerous activities. But the complete joy of activities is found only when they are done at their appropriate time. Do you agree? That’s why different types of Desert Safari in Dubai can be enjoyed at different times of the day with their special activities. On account of that, let’s check out the features of various Dubai Desert Safaris:

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Morning Desert Safari

Are you a morning person? If not, the morning Desert Safari is a must-have experience for you, as it will infuse you with the thought of blissful mornings. Have you ever witnessed a sunrise? Trust us, it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world and an early morning desert safari in Dubai can serve that view. On top of that, imagine how eccentric your Desert Safari photoshoot would look with the sun rising in the background. To fulfill your experience you have activities like sandboarding, dune bashing, quad biking, and camel riding.

Evening Desert Safari

There are days on a trip when we get out of our hotel rooms but don’t have much to do after brunch. Right? There is no better option to fill such days than an evening desert safari in Dubai. You’d start your day with the grandeur of Dubai’s streets and spend your evening with moments in nature. Doesn’t it sound like the best day ever? You’d be able to participate in the activities offered in the morning Desert Safari and have the option of a traditional experience, a BBQ dinner, and cultural entertainment.

Overnight Desert Safari

Yes, we know that when we shared that the activities get diverged in the different types of desert safaris, you got downhearted and wanted all the activities to be present in one desert safari. We hear the voice of your heart and bring you what you want, always. So, the overnight Desert Safari includes everything for you. Be it dune bashing, sandboarding, belly dance shows, BBQ dinner, or camping under the stars, experience all at once and spend the most memorable night of your Dubai trip.

How to Ace Your Desert Safari Outfit

As Dubai Desert Safari is a completely different experience than the lifestyle of Dubai, what do you think will happen if you carry the same clothes in Dubai and Dubai Desert Safari? Your Desert Safari experience would turn into a bad trip! That’s why you should wear different clothes on the Dubai Desert Safari. To help you, we are here with the best desert safari outfit ideas: 

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For Men: 

Some would recommend you wear loose clothes on a desert safari. But we’d say that even too-loose clothes would get stuck in things and torn in the blink of an eye. So, go for clothes that are neither too loose nor too tight. Choose a fabric that prevents air from entering and is not too hot for the climate, like full-sleeve cotton or linen. Getting confused? A checked shirt paired with trousers and sneakers with a hat on the head and sunglasses to cover the eyes can never go wrong on a desert safari! 

For Women: 

On a trip, women have millions of choices, like long gowns, skirts, crop tops, square necks, knot-a-line dresses, and more on a trip. But that is different from what you wear on the Dubai Desert Safari. Special experiences demand different clothing. The most important tip in the best Desert Safari outfit ideas for women includes eliminating short skirts and trousers and pointed footwear. An excellent Desert Safari outfit for you can be a sage green tank top paired with a beige pant, a silk scarf, and sneakers.

Tips for Maximizing Your Joy in Dubai Desert Safari

Useful tips & tricks are always a catalyst for multiplying the delight of a trip. The tiniest of hacks can make your travel experience different from the whole world. So, have an eccentric Dubai Desert Safari experience following the below-mentioned tips:

  • Catch a beautiful glimpse of the delicate desert riding a Hot Air Balloon
  • Get immersed in the history at Hatta Heritage Village
  • Witness nature at the Dubai Desert
  • Experience a Land Rover ride in the dunes
  • Carry sunscreen and moisturizer to protect your skin
  • Capture all the mesmerizing sights with a camera

Where to Go for Desert Safari Around Dubai?

Dubai is a desert land itself. But why are we making this statement here out of the blue? We want to share that there are many places to go for a desert safari around Dubai. Having said that, let’s know which of these places are:

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Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve 

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve can be an odd but perfect spot for a desert safari. Why so? You can observe a variety of wildlife and rich flora and fauna and add those views to your experience of desert safari at this spot. A desert safari photoshoot here can also include an attractive Arabian oryx in the background.

Liwa Oasis

Are you looking for action-packed dune bashing that feels like standing on a tower when the high dunes come? Then Liwa Oasis is the place for you! Experience the highs and lows of dunes that correspond to the highs and lows of life. Get on board for a desert safari that you will never forget!

Al Aweer

Situated about 40 kilometers away from the Dubai city center, it is a safari spot that is still untraversed by most tourists. This means that you will find way fewer crowds there, ultimately providing a more calm and charismatic experience. While dune bashing at Al Aweer, you will find fewer people and more scenic beauty.

Dubai Desert Safari Camps

The providers know what the tourists want. So, a lot of providers set up private desert safari camps in the Dubai Desert to deliver thrilling experiences. By choosing a camp at this spot you can be a part of a total desert safari experience that includes camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, cultural performances, entertainment activities, and much more.

Al Khatim

Between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, about 170 kilometers from the town of Dubai, the desert of Al Khatim is a perfect safari spot for you if you have already experienced a Dubai Desert Safari and are in search of something new. Filled with picture-perfect spots for a Desert Safari photo shoot, the site offers exquisite activities that deliver Desert Safari experiences that are novel yet exciting.

The Holiday that Excites You at Every Step

At Next Holidays, we never get tired of recommending Dubai as a travel destination to those who are looking for exciting and thrilling experiences. Be it Desert Safari in Dubai, exploring history, attending sensational performances, performing activities like ziplining and skiing, or having a luxurious stay, Dubai is a full package. Are you also looking for a trip that you never forget? Make a call to Next Holidays and let’s book a vacation to Dubai!

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