A conversation with Ayrton Jimenez on how he carved his path in the music industry


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To turn your dream into a reality, all that is needed is passion, dedication, and persistence. If you have the talent and refuse to give up, it won’t be long before the whole world is drawn to you. In a time when social media is at its peak, doorways of opportunities are available as long as you have what it takes to achieve your goals. One such singer that has managed to leave everyone in awe with his talent and purity is Ayrton Jimenez.

Even though hundreds of singers have been able to present their work through digital media, Ayrton Jimenez is a name that stands out because of his soulful voice, his soul stirring lyrics, and his relatable music that just puts your mind at ease. Here’s all you need to know about the star that will soon be reigning the music world.

Ayrton is a British-born singer-songwriter, who through embracing his Colombian heritage has introduced a unique sound of his own. He grew up listening to legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Gary Clark Jr, and Elvis Presley and even studied classical music at one point. After he held his first guitar in his hands, he knew his purpose in life was to heal souls with his music. Hence, he got enrolled in the Southwest school of music to polish his skill.

In fact, he has been so dedicated to creating music throughout his life that he would spend nights writing songs during his university years. He also worked tirelessly to manage his full-time job alongside the live gig opportunities that came his way. Such constant dedication required Ayrton to skip away the fun activities other kids his age were involved in. 

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However, after years of hard work, Ayrton Jimenez’s efforts finally paid off. He has to his credit three successful singles, 10,000 followers on Instagram, over 200,000 views on YouTube, and a fan base across the UK and the US. His most recognized songs include tracks such as ‘Downtown BA’,’ We’ll Build Something New,’ and ‘Sin Tu Amor’. All three songs are famous for their catchy tunes, and heart-touching lyrics.  

Talking about the writing process, Ayrton shares, “I place tremendous importance on writing music that makes people think and feel. I feel proud when my music can make a positive impact, and help shine a light on new perspectives for my listeners.”

However, creating a new song is not a piece of cake for him since he gives it his all in whatever he is creating. Normally Ayrton starts with the guitar, and formulates riffs and chord progressions. Once he has created the skeleton for the song, he will write down lyrics on a sheet of paper. This is followed by a recording process. 

Apart from this, the talented musician also loves to experiment and is always trying new things out when it comes to writing and production. He believes this is crucial in order to produce an engaging and unique song. “My passion for self-expression is what inspires me in music. I had a number of influences growing up, but what always drove me was my passion for songwriting and expressing myself through music. That is what makes me want to share my own music with the world,” Ayrton explains.

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When asked how he is able to create such soulful lyrics, Ayrton reveals that the process is natural for him because he always writes from his heart. It’s only the recording part that he finds stressful. The young and super talented singer and songwriter also believes that the pathway to success is hard work, and the ability to be yourself. “Don’t try too hard to chase trends or emulate someone else’s sound. People gravitate to authenticity and you have something to offer to the world which no one else can!” he advises on a concluding note.