Meet Roxanne Hamedi: a Pharmacist turned reality TV star


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It’s not often that you hear about a pharmacist turning into a reality TV star. After all, those two fields don’t seem congruent. But if you’ve seen Geordie Shore, you’re probably aware of Roxanne Hamedi, the Persian-Scottish pharmacist who put her career on hold to dazzle reality TV audiences with her natural beauty. The 29-year-old hails from Aberdeen, Scotland. Her parents moved to the UK from Iran. Thus, she is bilingual, speaking English and Persian. Her story is a joyride because it’s as interesting as her appearance on reality TV. 

People generally have preconceived notions about reality TV stars. They think these people are extremely attractive but have little going on behind their beauty. Roxanne Hamedi is far from your typical reality TV star because she has an impressive educational background. She holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy. Her journey to becoming a pharmacist involved spending five years at university before obtaining her postgraduate degree. In addition, she has been a working pharmacist for over six years now, despite only being 29. 

Becoming a pharmacist was something Roxanne always wanted to pursue because she considered it an extremely rewarding job. She describes herself as naturally caring and wants to help people. Life as a pharmacist allows her to contribute and do her part by giving back to the community. However, becoming a reality TV star wasn’t as farfetched in her mind because she always wanted to try other directions in life. Deep down, she knew she wanted to experience being famous, even if only momentarily. 

Thus, Roxanne Hamedi’s appearance on Geordie Shore isn’t that surprising. However, the story behind her getting cast on the show is interesting. It all started when she moved to London from Aberdeen to live with her now ex-boyfriend. The pair split up shortly after while she worked as a pharmacist. Soon after, she was scouted by a TV producer who asked her if she was single and liked to party. The newly-single Roxanne naturally responded affirmatively. 

The TV producer held a few Zoom calls in order to gauge her personality. Eventually, she was invited to MTV studios in London to meet with executives. They told Roxanne about the new Geordie Shore season they had planned and how they were considering her for the show. A few silent weeks passed, and then this pharmacist received a phone call telling her to pack her bags and take a taxi from London to Newcastle. She was required to quarantine for two weeks before filming would commence. By the summer of 2021, she spent four weeks in front of a camera, preparing for her reality TV debut. 

Roxanne appeared on Geordie Shore’s 22nd series called Hot Single Summer. Producers changed the show’s format to make it more appealing to viewers. It would feature original cast members who would meet and mingle with ordinary people. But, of course, the ordinary people had to pair up with an original cast member or risk elimination. She fell for James Tindale, an original cast member. Their connection was extremely strong, and he made it clear that she was the only contestant he wanted. He also planned multiple dates in the house. By the end of the season, it was clear that she and Tindale were well-suited. She was the only contest to stay in the house from the start of the season until the finish when James asked her to be his girlfriend. In short, she essentially won the show. The pair would also date briefly after the show until this ambitious young girl found Tindale had a girlfriend the entire time he was filming. Naturally, Roxanne Hamedi was left devastated. She also had to fend off online trolls on social media platforms, which would spread vitriol and hate. However, the pharmacist had already made her mark on reality TV. Her ability to adapt to television impressed the producers and invited her to return for the 23rd series. As a result, her reality TV career has already spanned over two years, and there’s no indication it’ll stop soon.