A Modern Man’s Guide to Dressing for an Important Dinner


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An important dinner calls for dressing your best. As a modern man, you want to look sharp and put-together without seeming stuffy or old-fashioned. The key is finding that balance between timeless style and current trends. Follow this guide to assemble an outfit that will have you looking and feeling your best for any important dinner occasion.

Choose a Well-Fitted Suit

The foundation of your look begins with a tailored suit that fits you impeccably. Go with a classic navy or charcoal two-button suit in a year-round weight fabric like wool. You can’t go wrong with a simple yet sophisticated solid color or subtle pinstripe. Be sure the jacket lies flat across your shoulders without pulling, and the pants drape cleanly along your legs. A proper fit not only looks more polished but also conveys confidence.

Pair with a Crisp Dress Shirt

Under your suit jacket, wear a long-sleeved collared dress shirt. White and light blue are classic choices that will always look stylish. Opt for a shirt in pure cotton or cotton blend to remain comfortable. Make sure the shirt fits closely in the shoulders, arms, and chest without pulling or billowing. Keep the collar smooth and properly framed within your suit jacket. French cuffs lend an extra touch of refinement, but regular cuffs can look just as smart.

Coordinate with a Quality Tie

An elegant tie pulls your outfit together and makes you appear put together. Go for a tie in a color and pattern that complements your suit. Classic choices are grenadine or satin ties in navy, burgundy, silver, or subtly patterned fabrics. The width of your tie should match the lapels of your suit jacket. Focus on quality construction and rich fabrics like silk. An eye-catching yet tasteful tie, like an Immortal Navy & Red Striped Dress Tie, projects style and confidence.

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Don’t Forget the Dress Shoes

A proper pair of dress shoes is vital for completing your elegant dinner ensemble. Shoes should be made of genuine smooth leather, free of elaborate perforations or embellishments. Black oxfords or brogues work for any occasion. Brown dress shoes also pair well with navy, gray, or tan suits. Go for a classic lace-up style with minimal stitching and elegant silhouettes. Keep shoes nicely shined before wearing them. Match your socks to the color of your pants.

Add Sophisticated Accessories

Accessories put the finishing polish on your look. A classy watch, ideally in stainless steel, titanium, or silver, makes a sophisticated addition. Leather belts should match your shoes and sit comfortably at your waistline. Jewelry should be minimal – a simple pair of cufflinks and/or a tie clip or pin are all you need. Carry a slim wallet, mobile phone, and any other necessities in the pockets of your suit jacket or pants.

Dressing for an important dinner is all about nailing the basics while adding touches of personal flair and style. Follow these tips to look timelessly elegant and comfortable without seeming overly done or stiff.