Actor turned realtor Vanessa Chesson is taking the US real estate industry by storm


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Acting is a profession that requires a lot of skill and talent for one to achieve success. Luckily, Vanessa Chesson, who has Spanish, Italian, and Native American nationality, has everything it takes to make it big in the entertainment industry. No wonder she was able to land prominent roles in movies such as ‘Bad Boys 3’, and ‘Father of the Bride’. She also did a BSB liquor Christmas shoot at Jamie Foxx’s house in Cali. Moreover, the gorgeous actress had several offers in store, but unfortunately, COVID-19 struck and the world came to a halt.

It was during that time when Vanessa Chesson gave the real estate business a shot. Though she has not quit acting, the circumstances during the global pandemic pushed her to try her hand at a field where she could excel. Yes, even the lockdown couldn’t break her spirit, and Vanessa began to study the dos and don’ts of the real estate industry. She later obtained a license and has been making waves as a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary.

Initially, Vanessa Chesson purchased residential homes and then renovated them in such a way that their value increased. Since she clearly understood the market demand, she ended up creating exquisite homes that everyone wanted to get their hands on. Due to her innate talent and creativity, Vanessa made millions in a short period. “I started as an assistant to Abe Franco in 2018 for three years,” she shares. “I learned the ways of real estate from him and then proceeded to get my license in 2020,” Vanessa adds.

Working with Abe Franco helped the actor turned expert realtor since he owns and sells huge real estate investments, including commercial properties like warehouses, gas stations, fast food places, multi-units, and residential homes. “He inspired me to start real estate on my own,” he says. “This is why we are still good friends and do some real estate partnerships.” In fact, this particular property is the 6 million dollar penthouse that Vanessa has flipped with him in Miami. The venue is now used to host weddings, parties, network meetings, and more. Also, the grand location has been used to shoot the music video of rappers Rick Ross and Drei.

There is more to Vanessa Chesson than meets the eye. She’s also launched a company called VIP RENOVATIONS LLC, a real estate firm that caters to people interested in buying her flips. The firm is also for people who want to sell properties that they can later flip. If you are wondering if this is a lucrative business, we have some shocking stats for you. Research shows that the prices of these properties can go up from $300,000 to $6,000,000! That is alarming, right?

Apart from that, Vanessa Chesson has kick-started a joint venture with her business partner called V Investments LLC. This is the platform she uses to manage the money of her partners/investors and profits with them on real estate. Even with all these enterprises churning out millions in profit, Vanessa is also pursuing a degree in Business Management from the University of Florida. 

According to Vanessa, she has been able to achieve so much only because she persuades every opportunity that comes her way and refuses to give up. “My motto is ‘always give and never give up’. This is why I keep searching for new areas to explore,” she stresses.  

As far as her future plans are concerned, this motivated boss lady plans to return to acting after completing her degree. On a concluding note, Vanessa shares, “I don’t have any future plans as a realtor. I only list my own properties as a realtor, as I am mainly a real estate investor. I step in as a realtor only when close friends and family are involved.”