Nutritionist Jesse Deacon Jones Makes the Beneficial Recommendation of a Healthy Diet for a Happy Heart


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Nutritionist Jesse Deacon Jones is an inspiration for many who have given up hope on losing weight and having their desired body shape. He found his motivation in moments when most people are likely to stop the pursuit of attaining a perfectly balanced body weight. Jesse found on his own, a method that required much less hassle than performing cardio. He became his own nutritionist and developed a diet that not only helped him shed extra weight but also attain a healthy lifestyle.

Sneaking a peek into his life, we learn that he was a small-town boy whose father was a welder and mother was a nurse. The family had its fair share of financial struggles and his parents had to work really hard to make ends meet. This is where he, too, learned the importance of working hard. As he stepped into his teens, he found himself struggling to fit into the famous crowd because he was overweight. No matter how much he wanted it, he couldn’t take the usual route of cardio to achieve his weight goals due to a degenerative knee disease. So, the unconventional thinker that he is, he developed his own method of losing weight, and within a span of a few years, he was thriving in his weight loss journey while also helping others achieve their desired weight. 

Cardio not being a viable option for him, Jesse realized he needed some other way to shed his extra weight. He knew the answer was altering his nutrition—so he did. Since he wholeheartedly believes that starving your body isn’t a viable way of cutting down fat he opted to take a healthier track. Instead of picking a general weight loss plan, he realized the importance of knowing how various nutrients metabolize and curated a custom diet plan for himself. He mentions, “Being fat, I followed the advice everyone gave me—to run. It did not work out for me so I found my own solution.” 

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He uses his knowledge and research to give people a reason to fall in love with themselves again. This, he believes, is important because we often tend to lose our sense of self-worth and beauty when we fail to fit into the crowd. He makes the beneficial recommendation of a healthy diet for a happy heart that will help people lead a healthy life and believes that every problem has a solution—making this approach the primary philosophy of his life. 

Jesse Deacon lives with the belief that once you make up your mind to get something done, there is nothing that can stop you from doing it. When you stay consistent, you tend to be patient while working hard and eventually your hard work becomes routine. He offers a nutrition-focused weight-loss journey to people and shares his knowledge in a class where he discusses in detail how one can lose weight without having to run or stay hungry. He is a certified nutritionist and has been serving a dedicated clientele of health enthusiasts for more than a decade now. 

He holds the old adage “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime,” very close to his heart.  In his opinion, one needs to experience the ins and outs of the journey to truly embark on a road that will eventually lead to clear results. His advice for fat loss remains simple: eat lots of proteins, do not opt for fasting, and cook all your meals yourself. This, he thinks, in addition to understanding the way different nutrients impact the body, can help people create sustainable plans for losing weight.

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