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Handicap betting in baseball offers a 2x or 3x advantage for money line betting. However, most beginners refrain from handicaps as it can get too confusing at one point. Handicap betting poses a unique challenge for bettors since it levels the playing field. For instance, if a strong team goes against an underdog, the money line bet is a no-brainer. But, Sportshandicapper100 helps you keep things interesting along with increasing profit margins. If you are in it for the thrill, risk and money, you’ll love baseball handicap betting. 

Sportshandicapper100, a renowned MLB betting expert, shares his secrets for beginners. So keep reading to learn tips that’ll make you more money. 

How Handicapping Actually Works in Baseball

Baseball handicapping differs from other sports because the runline (-1.5, +2 etc.) stays constant throughout the game. Sure, you can increase or decrease your runline, but that’s only in the form of an alternate handicap. The basics of handicapping involve leveling the playing field for both teams by assigning virtual points. For example, an underdog team will have a ‘+’ symbol, while the favorite will have a ‘-‘ sign. 

The negative and positive symbols are the points required for your bet to win. This means a team with a +1.5 bet would need to win by 3:1 (3-1.5 = 1.5). On the other hand, a team with a -1.5 points bet would win if the other team scores 2:1 (2-1.5 = 0.5). Handicap bets are often placed on the money line, where you bet on whether a team will win or lose. There are more betting methods, but that’s another topic for another day. 

1. Baseball Handicap Betting Tips For Beginners

Baseball handicap betting is not for ‘Square Bettors’ because bookmakers tend to shade their betting lines based on the public bias for a team. To profit from baseball handicaps, you need to squeeze lemons with more juice and less effort. 

The House Always Wins 

More often than not, the public loses while the house keeps profiting. “If you put yourself on the house’s side, your profit ratio and winning chances are significantly improved,” shares Sportshandicapper100. Since the ‘Average Joe’ bets on gut instincts and hints from magic fairies, bookies raise their odds. To Sportshandicapper100, this means going against the public gives you the advantage of artificially inflated numbers and minimizes your loss while maximizing your gain. 

Bet As Many Times As Possible 

“The key to sports betting is limiting your bets to only valuable matches of the series. But with baseball handicaps, it’s better to bet on as many games as possible because the ROI is higher than the loss,” advises Sportshandicapper100. If you follow the expert’s advice, you’ll limit your loss and profit higher by siding with the house. 

Baseball betting leads to higher profits when you bet against the public. Increasing your betting volume multiplies your profit. For instance, if you bet $300 on every baseball match siding with the house, you’ll make more than $5000 per year based on the return of your bets. Putting this strategy on NFL will drop your profits because the return is 2%.  

Open New Profit Streams

One of the biggest mistake beginner bettors make is to bet on only one betting site. This confines them to play with the odds they are dealt with. “By opening accounts on several online betting sites, you have more room to play which means you push and pull your bets based on the rates offered on different platforms,” explains Sportshandicapper100. 

Moreover, accounts on different betting sites give you the leverage of pulling out your bet and breaking it into segments based on profit margins. This means if you win at one betting site at a rate of 10%, the other two sites increase your profits because of their higher percentage. 

With so many potential betting outcomes, it’s easy for beginners to get confused. But if you play your cards right, you can start making profits after a few bets. Betting gurus like Sportshandicapper100 are bet-savers when it comes to challenging and trending matches. What makes all this intriguing and drool-worthy enough? The high returns. 

So try your luck but rely on the strategies above from MLB’s betting giant Sportshandicapper100!