Who is Paige Buecker’s Boyfriend? Know more about her

Paige Bueckers is a well-known basketball player who was raised in Minnesota and was born in October 2001, At a small age she became popular and successful and still trying her best. Even though she played for the national team too. She has a boyfriend too, and he is also a great player.


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Most people know that Paige Bueckers is a popular high school basketball player, even though she is not that old, according to her age she is an epic player. Also, she already played at the University of Connecticut, and you know why she is an amazing basketball player? Because she has a lot of potential for basketball, she plays very well even at a small age. Let’s know more about her life and Paige Buecker’s boyfriend information which most people are looking for.

Who is Paige Buecker’s boyfriend?

After a long research, I found some information about Paige Bueckers boyfriend whose real name is Adam Finkelstein. Adam is in Hopkins High School in Minnesota, and he is also a great basketball player.

Paige Buecker’s boyfriend Adam’s height is 6 ‘5, and even though he is listed as a shooting guard too, he is not ranked like Paige but he is trying to reach that rank even more than her.

Adam’s average is 18.5 points, 3.5 assists, and 5.5 rebounds according to the per-game session. Apart from Adam’s info, we found that they both love each other and often they post pictures on social media platforms where they look amazing and happy too.

Where did he and Paige Meet?

Paige Buecker boyfriend’s name is Mattia Camporini, he is a basketball player, and they both met at the University of Connecticut, but there is no such information about how long they have been together, according to their pictures it seems that they both are very happy.

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Mattia is from Italy and played very well. He started playing basketball in the US, and his height is 6 ‘3, even though he played Under-20 national teams, and his average was 9.4 points per game during his freshman year at UConn.

As we know Paige is a star player in the UConn Women’s Basketball team, the best information is that she just won the name for national player, and now she is expecting the top pick in the nearing WNBA Draft. Paige is a 5’11 point guard, and people started considering her among the best players just in a small age.

There is no such information about their love or how they look at each other, but I think they look nice and happy together, even though Mattia posted Paige’s pictures on his Instagram for support.

Know more about his background-

As above we discussed Paige Bueckers talent and potential nature for basketball. She is just 18 years old, lives in Minnesota, and became a star player in the Huskies Team at the University of Connecticut. 

Paige Bueckers is also known for her relationship with a college basketball player, the name of that player is Spencer Rattler, they both met at Minnesota High School and after that, they started liking each other.

Spencer is also an amazing football player who serves for the University of Oklahoma. Also, he is well known because of his family because his father is a former NFL player, Scott Rattler.

Like Paige Bueckers and Spencer, they both are very talented but just a single difference in both is their background, Paige comes from a middle-class background and Spencer comes from a well-known and wealthy background. 

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Paige Bueckers’s father Darryl Bueckers is a high school basketball coach and her mother Julie Bueckers is a housewife, and from another side Spencer father Scott Rattler is a successful businessman and well-known person and Spencer’s mother Tracy Rattler is known for the socialite in the Twin cities, also she is a member of the Board of Director (BOD) for Minnesota Opera and Walker Art center.

They both have different backgrounds but both are great players.

How do they behave in front of the public?

We all know love is a beautiful feeling and can’t compare love with anything. Nowadays most people are in love, Mother/child love, couple love, husband/wife love, father/child love. There are many types of love. 

Love can easily express someone’s feelings. Some people hold hands and walk in front of the public, some can kiss in front of the public and some are okay with a hug too, while on the other side, some are not okay in front of the public. Even some couples’ love is very strong. They take their relationship on marriage, and then a baby, and get old together, this is called true love.

What did Paige say about her boyfriend?

As we discussed, Paige Bueckers is a popular basketball star and strong woman who did great work just in her small age. The proud feeling is that she made her name at a very small age, leading the University of Connecticut Huskies to an undefeated season and a national championship. Even her name was announced in the NCAA Women’s Final Four, 2021 as a most outstanding player. 

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Paige Bueckers dated many people, but I found that right now Paige Bueckers’s boyfriend is Collin Gillespie, they both have been together for the past 1 year, and their relationship is very strong. 

Collin Gillespie is 21 years old, from Berwyn, Pennsylvania, and completed high school at Archbishop Carroll, even though he is a highly touted recruit and his ranked number is 73 in the country by ESPN.

Paige Bueckers and Collin met when they both were playing AAU basketball, they started dating each other in 2019. 

Their social life is private, they did not mention each other in interviews.

End words-

Everyone is hardworking but the point is who is passionate about their work? Are you happy with their work? Money is not everything for Paige Bueckers, she comes from a middle-class family with lots of dreams, which is basketball, and she follows her dream and reaches out to the Point Guard position just in a small age. So apart from earning you guys also need to follow your dream path.


Q-1 Who is Paige Bueckers?

Answer- Paige Bueckers is a popular basketball star and strong woman who did great work just in her small age. The proud feeling is that she made her name at a very small age

Q-2 Who is Paige Bueckers boyfriend?

Answer- I found that right now Paige Bueckers boyfriend is Collin Gillespie, they have both been together for the past 1 year, and their relationship is very strong. 

Q-3 What is Paige Bueckers age?

Answer- Paige Bueckers was born on 20th October 2001, in Edina, Minnesota, United States. Right now Paige Bueckers age is 22 years old (Till October 2023).

Q-4 Information about Paige Bueckers school and college?

Answer- Paige Bueckers passed out from Hopkins High School, Minnesota, and completed her graduation from UConn.

Q-5 What is the position of Paige Bueckers?

Answer- Right now Paige Bueckers position is Point Guard and League Big East Conference.