What was Anthony Johnson’s Cause of Death? – Here’s Everything You Need to Know


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When sportsmen in the mixed martial arts community die away suddenly, it frequently leaves a gap that is felt by both spectators and other competitors. A disease that had afflicted the MMA light heavyweight champion Anthony “Rumble” Johnson for more than a year finally claimed his life. 

As word spread across the combat sports world, inquiries about the circumstances surrounding his death surfaced. What specifics were known about Anthony Johnson’s cause of death? Did organ failure play a role in his health issues? In this investigation, we examine the material at hand in an effort to solve the enigma surrounding the events that resulted in the death of this well-known warrior.

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson: A Knockout Legacy in MMA

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Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, who’s one of the best players in the Mix Martial Arts Community was born on 6th March, 1984. Anthony was well-known for his skills in competing under heavyweight class, which defines his strength & tenacity that awarded him with a record of 23 winning matches & just 6 losing matches. Rumble’s fast-paced highly aggressive fighting style & knock-out shots made a great impact on the audience which got him a huge following and helped him to have an amazing career that was memorable in UFC outings.

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Here’s a simplified biography table for Anthony “Rumble” Johnson:

BirthdateMarch 6, 1984
BirthplaceDublin, Georgia, USA
Weight ClassesLight Heavyweight, Heavyweight
Notable OrganizationsUFC
Fighting StyleStriker 
RetirementInitially retired in 2017, announced comeback in 2020
Career HighlightsCompeted in the UFC in the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions

Anthony Johnson’s Cause of Death

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Here’s a detailed information about Anthony Johnson’s cause of death:

Overview of Anthony “Rumble” Johnson’s Career and Passing

Sadly, at the age of 38, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, a well-known mixed martial arts light heavyweight competitor with a remarkable 23-6 record, went suddenly. During his remarkable career, Johnson competed in the UFC and Bellator, leaving an enduring impression on the sport with his explosive striking and aggressive fighting style.

Announcement of the Death

On a depressing Sunday, Bellator MMA made the formal announcement of Anthony Johnson’s passing over social media. Johnson’s sudden death gained poignancy when it was found that he had been battling a protracted illness for more than a year.

Career Highlights and Achievements 

With 17 knockouts and 6 decision wins throughout the course of his incredible career, Johnson established himself as the undisputed champion in the fiercely contested light heavyweight class. Johnson showed his unwavering love for the sport when he returned to the octagon with Bellator in 2021, even though he had retired from the UFC in 2017.

The Struggle with Illness

Johnson asked for prayers on Instagram in September 2021, making it clear that his health issue had nothing to do with COVID. Positive news was delivered by him on May 17, 2021, showing “big improvements” in his health. When Johnson’s manager told ESPN in late October that he was “going through some health problems” and was not doing well, the situation took a turn for the worst.

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Cause of Death

It is said that Anthony “Rumble” Johnson had been fighting sickness for a considerable amount of time, even if the exact reason of his death was not stated. The main cause was organ failure which heightened the seriousness of the situation. At the beginning stages of illness, the seriousness of the situation was not known, but later on it turned out to be organ failure.

Legacy and Condolences 

Fans, competitors, and the MMA community are all in sorrow over Anthony Johnson’s loss. We will never forget his reputation as a formidable and well-respected rival, and our sympathies go out to his friends and family. Prominent MMA personalities, including Daniel Cormier, have shown their sorrow, underscoring Johnson’s kind character outside of the intense ring fight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Anthony Johnson’s Cause of Death:

1. How did Anthony “Rumble” Johnson pass away?

He died because of illness and constant suffering of health issues.

2. What was the cause of Anthony Johnson’s organ failure?

Anthony Johnson had been unwell for more than a year and that he had health issues; which also led to organ failure.

3. What date did Bellator MMA make the announcement of Anthony Johnson’s demise?

Bellator MMA said on a sad Sunday that Anthony Johnson had passed away after suffering from a disease for more than a year.

4. What health-related content did Anthony Johnson post on Instagram in September 2021?

Anthony Johnson shared a message on Instagram in September 2021 asking for prayers and stating that he was fighting, emphasising that it was “NOT COVID.”

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5. Did Anthony Johnson return to the octagon prior to the aggravation of his health issues?

Yes, Anthony Johnson made a comeback to Bellator competition in 2021 for a single fight before his health worsened.


In this article, we’ve let you know about Anthony Johnson’s cause of death in detail and more information about his death. The loss of Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is an absolutely sorrowful event in the MMA community. Though the particular reason for his death is not known, organ failure also had a role. The MMA world is in sorrow for the loss of a powerful competitor. 

His lasting influence on the sport is evident when we consider his remarkable career and the mysteries surrounding his premature death. Anthony Johnson will surely leave a lasting legacy, and at this trying time, our thoughts are with his family, friends, and the larger MMA community.