Digital Mastercard: The Corporate World’s Favourite Incentive


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Companies have a wide range of alternatives for rewarding their employees, customers, or clients on any given occasion. They’ll need an electronic prepaid Mastercard or even a gift card to get their chosen price. As such, the digital prepaid MasterCard is becoming increasingly popular among Australian businesses, despite their use being less visible in the age of internet shopping. According to a recent survey, over 85.7 per cent of Australians shop online. There are about 22 million Australians that purchase online. Because of this, prepaid digital cards provide excellent incentives for motivating staff and keeping them loyal to your business. The Incentives Research Center has found that prepaid cards have a 33% higher incentive than cash prizes or other products. 

What Is a Prepaid Mastercard Digital Card? 

An increase in profitability for a business is directly proportional to the level of satisfaction among its workers. By sending an email or text message acknowledging their hard work, the Digital Mastercard keeps employees motivated and engaged in their work. It’s the ideal company commission, incentive, reward, and gift market solution. 

What’s the Deal With That? 

Both the recipient and the speaker benefit from using a preloaded digital card. It can be sent immediately to the employee’s digital accounts or contact number, making it ready for use right away. Either their existing electronic wallets or retail websites will accept the funds. The cards could be used anywhere that accepts prepaid cards. 

All Needs Can Be Satisfied by Various Prepaid Cards 

There is no single card that can suit the objectives of every company’s employee incentive programme. Companies can pick from three different digital prepaid MasterCard options to suit their specific reward programmes. Both digital and physical cards can be connected to the same account and used simultaneously. It allows employees to make purchases from any location, in-store or online. 

A Digital Card That Can Be Reloaded 

A reloadable card is an option for businesses that pay commissions via prepaid cards. Depending on the company’s reward structure, they can reload the amount on the same card many times. 

A One-Card Loader 

Digital cards for separate occasions such as thank you presents, Christmas incentives, or tenure milestones are most commonly sent using this method. 

Why Do Businesses Prefer Prepaid Mastercards Over Traditional Credit Cards? 

Because they’re so easy to order, the HR manager doesn’t have to spend much time picking them out. Prepaid cards of varying denominations can be purchased in bulk with a few mouse clicks. Because of the pandemic, many Australian workers were forced to work from home or in other remote locations. An incentive programme was not disrupted by using digital prepaid cards. It’s also possible to send cards with personalised inscriptions for several recipients in just a few minutes from the comfort of your own home. A variety of options are available to accommodate any company’s budget. On reloadable digital cards, they can store up to 9,999 AUD, while on single-load cards, they can load up to AUD 4,999. 

User-Friendliness and Adaptability 

You can use a Prepaid Mastercard in any of 37 million offline and online businesses worldwide. ” You don’t need to worry about whether the establishment accepts Mastercards. 

Protection and Reduced Danger 

Most gift cards are volatile, while prepaid cards are not. As a result, they don’t need as much pre-investment study. To ensure that thefts and mishaps don’t harm the recipient, they also safeguard the money by simply retrieving it by calling the company.