Erica Mena Oldest Son – Who is His Father and What You Need to Know

Erica Mena from Love & Hip Hop just made the big announcement. She’s thrilled. Her boyfriend, Safaree Samuels is going to be a dad for the very first time!


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It won’t be Erica’s first time around the block. She’s a mom from a previous relationship! Discover all about Erica Mena’s oldest son. The two now can’t wait for this baby to come into the world. Their little one will be here before they know it. But before we get into all that… Let’s take a peek at the Love & Hip Hop star’s family. We have the rundown on Erica’s family and who’s who so that we can keep up with all the excitement! Let’s do this!

Who is Erica Mena’s Oldest Son?


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Erica Mena’s experience in motherhood spanned to her being a mom to her 16-year-old son. She is the mother of King Conde, whom she shares with her ex, Raul Conde. Where King isn’t shown extensively in the public eye, there’s no doubt Erica hasn’t been dedicated to his well-being even with Raul not being as hands-on as he probably could and should have been during his upbringing. The roots of their relationship with all its history show how far Erica has gone for King’s well-being despite how little his father did or even does.

Her eldest son, King Javien Conde, was birthed in New York, USA. King is the offspring of the USA rapper and music video director father, Raul Conde. King’s mother, Erica Jasmin Mena, is a known and accomplished United States-born actress, model, TV personality, and video vixen. She gained recognition for appearing on the Love & Hip Hop reality daily series. Note that she starred in both the New York and Atlanta seasons from 2011 to 2023.

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Erica Mena reveals her son is currently 16 years old, with his B-day celebration this year in 2007. Erica became a mother at the age of 19 and gave birth to King Javien. So, she became pregnant as a teenager.

Does Erica Mena’s Oldest Son Have a Disability?

When Erica Mena posted a family photo on social media, rumors quickly circulated about her son, King Conde, potentially having a disability. Speculation arose, with some suggesting that King Conde might have Autism, leading to unkind comments from certain individuals. Erica has clarified that King Conde is a typical child and is thriving well.

What was Erica’s Relationship with Raul Conde?

Erica was previously involved in a relationship with rapper Raul Conde, a member of the rap group Terror Squad. Their relationship was far from perfect, characterized by turbulence despite its duration. An episode of Love & Hip Hop showcased a particularly intense altercation between Erica and Raul on the streets of Miami, amid ongoing feuds. During this period, they engaged in heated arguments and conflicts.

Fortunately, by 2014, it seemed that Erica and Raul had reconciled, primarily for the sake of their son, King. They declared an end to their “war,” although public sightings of them spending time together or interacting remained scarce. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring to know that their past conflicts have been resolved and put behind them.

Erica Mena and Rapper Safaree Samuels Expecting Their First Child Together

After consistently refuting numerous pregnancy speculations, Erica and Safaree, who has a history of dating Nicki Minaj, finally confirmed that they were indeed expecting a child together. The confirmation was made in a segment on Love & Hip Hop, putting an end to the ongoing rumors. With baby No. 2 on the way, we eagerly await word as to whether Erica Mena and Safaree’s baby is a boy or girl, in addition to the chosen name for the newest addition to their family. We’ll have to wait and see how King reacts to becoming a big brother… or big sister! Exciting times lie ahead! We will continue to keep you up to date on all your favorite Love & Hip Hop stars and their latest happenings as well as other juicy news and revelations.

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King Javien Conde stands out as an appealing presence among the slew of celebrity offspring, seamlessly weaving through the intricate blend of bright lights and family whirlwinds. As the firstborn of Erica Mena, we take a front-row seat in their world, where real-life and rockstar status butt heads. While the man behind the moniker, Rahul Conde, remains relatively enigmatic, King’s upbringing has overflowed with the unwavering love and commitment of his doting mother. Amidst the equally occasional speculation and hearsay, Erica’s unequivocal devotion to their bond is palpable, proving that their connection is much stronger than any challenge they could face.

Away from the glare of tabloids and Twitter, King’s journey unfolds in the context of a modern familial setup. While his father is missing from this particular spotlight, the love and support that fill King’s life — from his extended family, friends, and wider community — is clear. Erica’s strength as a young single mother highlights the importance of nurturing relationships and environments in which her son can grow and thrive. As King continues to grow and define himself, his story is a reminder of the complexity and joy that imbues familial life. With such a strong start from his mom, he’s got a real chance to become his person and make something of himself. 


Q1: Who is Erica Mena’s oldest son?

Erica Mena’s oldest son is named King Javien Conde.

Q2: Who is King Javien Conde’s father?

King Javien Conde’s father is Raul Conde, a rapper and music video director.

Q3: When was King Javien Conde born?

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He was born in 2007.

Q4: Where was King Javien Conde born?

King Javien Conde was born in New York, USA.

Q5: What is King Javien Conde’s relationship to Erica Mena?

King Javien Conde is the biological son of Erica Mena.

Q6: Is there any information regarding King Javien Conde’s health or disability?

There have been rumors and speculation regarding King Javien Conde potentially having a disability, particularly autism. However, Erica Mena has clarified that King Javien Conde is a typical child and is thriving well.