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Plants are one of the most adorable and beneficial home decor things one can ever have. You can simply keep them anywhere in your home and  they not only add statement and style but also keep the surroundings cleaner and greener. Be it on ladder plant stands or tiny terrarium homes or kept simply on the table, plants have an aura of their own  that they manage to spread across  in our homes. Small indoor plants are a great choice if you are short on space, however, they might not always be the best option. Here comes the role of hanging plants that do not occupy any space in your living room, bedroom or balcony and keep you close to nature at the same time. There are high chances that you have a lot of hanging space around your place and it’s time you bring that into use.If you have some outdoor or indoor space you can also use a large terrarium to enhance the beauty of your place large terrariums provide many benefits over traditional pots. They retain water well due to the closed environment, and they’re easier on plant health because they can be moved around easily without damaging roots. However not all plants grow well on hanging planters and it is important that you thoroughly research the ones that do before bringing these little friends home. Sounds like a  tedious task? Well, to make things simpler for you, here is a list of some of the best hanging plants that you can bring home and rejoice at the very sight of them. Read on to find more.

1. Air Plant:

These low-maintenance plants can be kept anywhere and the best part about them is that they do not need soil to survive. You can hang these air plants in glass terrarium with color accents or place them in an elegant pot and they work perfectly  well. However, make sure that you keep these plants in a spot with good circulation and plenty of bright light for all they need is this to grow.

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2. Arrowhead Plant:

Also known as arrowhead vines or five fingers, these plants derive their name from the changing shape of their leaves which start off as an arrowhead shape and eventually grow a few “fingers”. The most common example of such plants is money plants that grow equally well in a hanging basket as in a usual plant potter. With shades of green, pink and burgundy, these plants grow well in humid conditions and are a great option for your bathroom or kitchen.

3. Burro’s Tail:

Categorised as succulents, these plants can survive without water for long periods of time and prefer lots of sunshine. They have thick and fleshy leaves like any other succulent and are mostly preferred indoors and do best in rooms with a lot of space where they are free to trail down.

4. Golden Pothos:

The variegated golden-yellow leaves of these plants sport a very elegant look and require a moderate amount of light to bring out its colors. One of the best hanging indoor plants, these plants are known to purify airborne toxins and help breathe easier and contribute to a better night’s sleep.

5. English Ivy:

Mostly seen covering stone and brick walls, this is a very common plant seen almost in every household. You can decorate the interior of your home with these plants or dedicate a whole wall to them to grow and flourish. You can also place these plants in a hanging basket and for a more contained look you can let the leaves dazzle loose from a hanging basket. English Ivy grows longer than any usual hanging plant and hence it is important for you to ensure that you grow them in lots of space.

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6. Pitcher Plant:

These plants become carnivorous for survival if their native soil lacks proper nutrients. These plants prefer clean water and moist soil to grow fully and completely. These plants are tall with vibrantly colored ‘pitchers’ that will attract their prey. You can place these plants in the kitchen or living room to keep the unwanted bugs out.

7. Spider Plant:

These spindly plants cover a lot of horizontal and  vertical space and are perfect for filling the empty spots in your home. The plants have bright and long leaves and are also known as “airplane plants” or “ribbon plants”. They are easy to care for and are a great choice for pet owners for they are non toxic to the furry friends.

8. Trailing Jade:

These are smaller green that feature circular leaves and thin stems. You can find them trailing around rocks and crevices in their native tropical habitat. These plants have small roots and overwatering can damage their root system. It is recommended to water these plants only when the soil is dry and is perfect if you have less hanging space. 

9. Ripple Peperomia:

With heart-shaped leaves that come in a variety of colors including green, red, gray and cream, you can find beautiful indentations to some varieties depending on colors and patterns. The unique appearance of these plants make them the centerpiece of your home since their textured leaves are visible even from a distance.

10. Chenille Plant:

These plants grow quickly and can reach great lengths when taken care of. Pruning helps these plants to grow and is ideal if you wish to keep them long and healthy. With fuzzy red flowers which are a bunch of pistils clustered together, these plants make a big splash and are a great change of pace from the usual all green houseplants. If you are a plant lover and always finding out ways to spruce up your space with these green friends, you can choose from some of these hanging plant options and help enhance the aura and ambiance of your interiors in no time.