How CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. is illegally demolishing buildings in New York City

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The problem is that CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC., a construction company, is illegally demolishing buildings in New York City without regard to the tenant’s interests, PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC. who had an exclusive lease to the property until 2028. CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. is trying to evict the service center by any means possible, often illegally, to build new apartments for future sale. The lawsuit has been filed by PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC. in New York State Supreme Court, demanding that the defendant immediately stop harassing the tenant, pay fines, and compensate for losses and damages.

The blame for this problem lies with CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. for their fraudulent and illegal actions damaging other people’s property and endangering lives. Despite the law’s constant violations, the company has been on the market for many years; unfair performance of contracts, multiple legal entities, and fraudulent actions have already led to many lawsuits against the activities of CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. Another company named in the suit is CANDID CONNECTION INC., which CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. incorporated for its fraudulent scheme.

The demand for land and real estate in major cities is evergreen, with new properties frequently replacing the old. These properties, both commercial and residential, are leased and sublet to various industries and businesses. However, pursuing profit often leads to unscrupulous practices by property owners. CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. is a prime example of such fraudulent activity.

Upon acquiring the land, CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. began demolishing the existing buildings, disregarding the tenant’s interests, PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC. The tenant’s lease agreement permits them to continue conducting their activities on the land until 2028. However, CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. is trying, by any means necessary, to evict the service center from the area and build new apartments for future sales, even resorting to illegal means.

The story of CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. is not an isolated case. Rather, it emulates the greed that drives some in the real estate industry. While there are legitimate ways to profit from land and property, the pursuit of money should never come at the expense of the interests of others.

This situation raises broader questions about the role of regulation in the real estate industry. In many cases, tenants are vulnerable to the whims of property owners, and there is a clear need for stronger legal protections. The fact that CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. is flouting the law in its pursuit of profit is a testament to the need for greater oversight and enforcement.


In a stunning case of tenant harassment and property damage, New York-based auto repair company PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC. has filed a lawsuit against CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. and its fraudulent alias CANDID CONNECTION INC. The suit, currently underway in the New York State Supreme Court, seeks to hold the defendants accountable for their actions and compensate the plaintiff for their losses.

For over fifteen years, PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC. has operated out of a 15,000-square-foot building on a 100-by-100-foot parcel of land leased from AK Properties Group LLC. However, following the sale of the property to a new owner, the service center has experienced constant harassment from CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. The construction company has caused damage to customer property, disconnected communications, and demolished neighboring buildings without proper permits, resulting in significant losses for PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC.

CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. has a history of violating state laws and causing harm to other people’s property and lives. Despite this, the company has remained on the market for many years, opening multiple legal entities and engaging in fraudulent activities.

The lawsuit is being brought under the New York City Nonresidential Tenant Prosecution Law, which seeks to protect tenants from harassment and illegal actions by landlords and their agents. PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC., also known as Auto Service NYC, is a well-established market business with a reputation for quality work and fair dealing.

The plaintiff has exercised their option to extend the lease until 2028, and the site’s owner, AK Properties Group LLC, has accepted the exercise of the option. However, CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. and CANDID CONNECTION INC. have continued to harass and damage the tenant, leading to the current lawsuit.

The case highlights the importance of tenant protection laws and the need for accountability in the real estate industry. As the legal battle continues, the fate of PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC. hangs in the balance, and the defendants may face significant fines and compensation for their actions.

The fight between the tenants and the landlord is a tale as old as time. In the case of Prestige Automotive Center Inc., the story is no different. The car service business, operating successfully in Upper Manhattan, has invested over $700,000 in maintaining and renovating the leased building’s interior and exterior. It’s one of the few auto repair shops in the area and has built a loyal customer base. However, the winds of change have come, and AK Properties Group LLC has terminated the lease agreement, citing the sale of the property.


As the new owner, 2013 3rd Avenue QOZ, LLC, hired Candid Connection Inc. to demolish the existing buildings and submitted a plan to build multi-story buildings in the area. The new owners claim all tenants have vacated the premises except for Prestige Automotive Center Inc. However, the owners cannot evict the service company from the building under the lease agreement. Hence, they began using illegal methods to get rid of the tenant.

In a recent New York real estate development, Prestige Automotive Center Inc. has become embroiled in a battle with new property owners Elie Fouerti and Sergey Rybak over the ownership and use of its occupied building on Third Avenue. The new owners had purchased adjacent properties in 2011, 2009, and 2005 Third Avenue and hired the contractor Candid Connection Inc. to demolish existing buildings on the site, claiming a plan to build multi-story buildings in the area. However, according to the Plaintiff, this move is part of a fraudulent scheme that violates the State of New York law and is designed to force the tenant out of their building illegally.

Although the owners cannot legally evict Prestige Automotive from the building under the lease agreement, they began using illegal methods to try and rid themselves of the tenant. In April 2022, Candid Connection Inc., directly affiliated with Chesakl Enterprises Inc., began demolishing buildings from 2005-2011. Despite the Department of Buildings (DOB) issuing orders to stop the demolition, the activity continued, and fines of $45,000 were imposed on the new owners.

This situation has raised serious concerns regarding the legality of real estate practices in New York. It has brought to light the plight of tenants in the city who may be unfairly forced out of their homes and businesses by unscrupulous owners. The case of Prestige Automotive Center Inc. highlights the need for stronger legal protections for tenants in the city and stricter enforcement of the law to ensure that their rights are upheld.

It remains to be seen how this legal battle will play out, but one thing is clear: the battle for tenants’ rights in New York City is far from over. As more and more cases like this come to light, it is up to lawmakers and law enforcement to take a stand and protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

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Beginning in April 2022, Candid Connection Inc. demolished buildings from 2005-2011, despite the Department of Buildings (DOB) issuing orders to stop the demolition of buildings in the area. The new owners were fined $45,000 for violating the orders. During the demolition of the outer wall of the 2011 building, which overlooks the site leased from Prestige Automotive Center Inc., debris fell onto this site. It damaged the cars on it, causing the service center losses of at least $40,000.

A business dispute has arisen between PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC. and its landlord, CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. The former accuses the latter of deliberately damaging their property. In addition to dismantling works, the defendant is alleged to have cut the cable that provided the car service with Internet and telephone services, leading to a temporary closure of the business and losses amounting to $50,000.

On August 5, 2022, Spectrum experts were called to troubleshoot after the internet, and phone connection stopped working at PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the cable had been deliberately cut, causing significant damage to the business. A special team was called in for repairs, but they could not access the roof due to the closed hatch. It was later revealed that the manhole cover was boarded up on the outside.

PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC. has filed a lawsuit against CHESAKL ENTERPRISES INC. seeking the cessation of illegal activities, compensatory damages of $100,000, a civil penalty of $50,000, attorney’s fees of $25,000, and payment of damages as determined by the court. The lawsuit is not the first involving the defendant, which raises questions about its fraudulent and criminal activities.

In business deals, honesty and integrity are crucial. The situation at PRESTIGE AUTOMOTIVE CENTER INC. highlights this point. It also underscores the potential harm that can be caused by unscrupulous landlords who engage in illegal activities. In the course of its legal proceedings, this case could serve as a warning for others in the industry and draw the attention of authorities to the need for improved regulation oversight.