How to Display Military Medals: 3 Ways to Show

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There is a good chance that you have received military medals during your time in uniform if you are a veteran of the armed forces. Some of those accolades were achieved the hard way, while others were merely recorded on your record because you took part in a specific operation or event. Regardless of how you received the accolades, it’s crucial to understand how to properly display military medals.

This list of suggestions should be able to assist you as you choose how to show military medals for a loved one or yourself. From gulf war shadow box to Ribbon Rack Sticker, everything is included in the list. 

1. Ribbon Rack Sticker

A sticky rack is a fantastic way to display your support for the troops. Online rack design and organisation are also available, along with home delivery. Sticky ribbon racks look wonderful on a toolbox, garage wall, laptop, car, or vehicle.

Some contend that those who want attention put these stickers on their cars. Arguments like these ignore the fact that the Vietnam veterans, a generation of American soldiers, returned from the conflict with little to no credit for their service. Naturally, since they were unable to do so in the past, some Cold War and Vietnam War veterans may now feel motivated to take pleasure in their military service. Contrast this with contemporary veterans, who have, for the most part, received overwhelmingly positive public support and acknowledgement for their service.

Some veterans believe that by using a sticky rack on something, they are trying to attract attention, while others are happy to proudly display their accomplishments for all to see. This debate over how to display military medals on a sticky rack will undoubtedly continue. It is a matter of preference.

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2. Shadow Box

How to exhibit military medals is a subject that a shadow box is a terrific method to address, whether you are doing it for yourself or a loved one. 

Shadow boxes are excellent containers for preserving and displaying military mementos. Make sure your military shadow box captures the essence of your time in the army if you are creating one. Patches, medals, ribbons, badges, and even souvenirs like MRE hot sauce bottles or C-ration can openers can be placed within. Making a box for yourself to store your military belongings safely makes how to exhibit military awards less significant.

3. Ribbon Racks

Obviously, there will be a time when you need to put on your Class A uniform and ribbon rack if you are still in the National Guard, Reserve, or active status. The most common method of displaying military medals is usually this.

Service members might wear ribbon racks for a variety of occasions. Class A inspections, special occasions, and military school commencements can all call for a newly upgraded ribbon rack. When wearing ribbon racks, each specific service’s uniform requirements serve as a major guidance on how to display military awards on them.

If you are assembling a ribbon rack for a veteran, keep in mind that the uniform requirements of each branch govern how to show military awards on a ribbon rack or in civilian clothing. Veterans do not automatically have the right to wear military medals inappropriately just because of their status as veterans.