How to Remove Oil Stain from Floor

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From cooking your favorite dishes to keeping your vehicle pristine, oil is an unavoidable part of our day-to-day lives. So spilling oil on floors does not come as a surprise and it’s not something you should rack your brains over.

Through this blog let’s make a step-by-step action plan on how to remove oil stains from floor and what products can be used to remove these stubborn stains. Remember, the quicker you act, the easier it will be to remove the oil stain from your floor.

Let’s dive in! 

Step 1: Safety Measures

Before handling the oil stain, make sure to take these precautions. Make sure to open all windows and allow ventilation into the room, especially if you are planning to use strong cleaning agents. If you’re using chemicals, wear gloves, as harsh chemicals can leave irreparable damage on the skin and hold the risk of being flammable.

Step 2: Contain the Spill

Before using chemicals, spill control products, or spill absorbent kits, make sure to contain the spill using products like absorbent socks, so that the spill does not do further damage to the floor. 

After making sure that the spill is contained, use spill-absorbent products to remove the majority of the spill. Make sure you resist the urge to rub as rubbing will just make it spread more. The best method would be to blot the spill so that most of it gets absorbed. 

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Step 3: The Right Tools 

Now that the spill is contained and ready to be cleaned, it’s time to choose a cleaner based on your needs. While selecting a cleaner, you must ensure that it is safe, worth the price, and can completely clean the spill without leaving any residues behind.

Here are some popular answers to how to remove oil stains from floor.

Spill Absorbents: The most popular cleaner on the list, spill absorbent is your best bet to clean spills quickly and efficiently. Not only are spill absorbents efficient, but they are also highly sustainable and eco-friendly and do not leave any residues behind. If you’re looking to buy the best spill absorbents in the market, do check out spillxorb

Spillxorb creates sustainable, coir based spill absorbents, that are safe to use and very efficient in their workings. Do check out for more information regarding their impressive products.

Baking Soda: Baking soda is a natural cleaning product and can be a great option for fresh oil spills on non-porous surfaces (like tile or laminate).

Dish Soap: Dish soap is highly effective in breaking down oil, making it easier to clean.

Cleaning Cloths: You’ll need clean microfiber cloths for both absorbing oil and cleaning the floor surface.

White Vinegar (Optional): White vinegar can be used on certain surfaces such as tile or concrete to neutralize leftover residue after removing the oil.

Step 4: How to Remove Oil Stain from Floor

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can remove oil stains from the floor using spill-absorbent kits.

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Step 1: Contain the spill using absorbent boom sock and blob the spill to absorb most of the spill

Step 2: Once the oil is contained and the stain absorbed, add the contents of spillxorb’s spill absorbent bag into the remaining spill.

Step 3: Allow the absorbent to rest on the spill for 15-20 minutes to ensure the absorbing process is completely efficient.

Step 4: Once the 20 minutes are up, use a broom or sweeper, sweep the mix of absorbent and spill, and clean the area, if you’re using spillxorb products, the floor will be clean and good as new, that’s guaranteed! 

Step 5: If there’s any residual oil, create a cleaning solution with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Dip your microfiber cloth in the solution and wring it out thoroughly (the cloth should be damp, not soaking). Wipe the affected area to remove any remaining oil residue.

Step 6: If necessary, rinse the cleaned area with clean water and a fresh microfiber cloth to remove any soap residue.


We have now successfully completed the foolproof action to tackle oil stains on the floor! Make sure to follow this plan step-by-step without fail for the best results! Don’t forget! This plan can vary based on the type of floor and the type of oil that has been spilled on the floor. So make sure to understand the type of floor and the type of oil that has spilled. Once you’ve understood which cleaner is good/bad for your type of floor, stick to our plan for maximum success! 

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Make sure you are safe and the surroundings are safe if you are planning to use a harsh chemical to clean the floor. Our humble suggestion would be to use eco-friendly options such as spillxorb absorbent bags, that offer both safety and reliability.