How To Use Cbd Oil Vape Pens

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In recent years, the vaping of CBD has become very popular, and many CBD users have turned to vape. There are disposable and refillable CBD vape pens. One of the main reasons for using vape pens is because inhaling CBD is more bioavailable, which means your body can make better use of it. 

Some people take CBD oil as a tincture, and others like to pop capsules or edibles, but you can save more money by using e-liquids, as opposed to sublingual oils or even pills. Although each of these methods has its benefits, nothing compares to the effectiveness of vaping CBD oil. Let us learn the nuances of CBD vaping using vape pens.

Draw-activated pens vs. Push-button pens

Push-button pens: They have buttons to press, and they do require switching on or off. A push of a button on the vapor pen allows you to adjust the voltage output, and you can typically do this by pressing the button up to five times. Some other pens have a preheat mode that can be activated by pressing the button twice, but this usually happens after pressing it up to three times.

Draw activated pens: This is the most natural type of vape pens to use, they do not require switching off, and have no press buttons. As the name suggests, the pen activates when you blow on it, but they offer much more functionality than the button-activated vapes pens. 

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CBD oil vape pen cartridges

Pre-filled CBD cartridges are a convenient method for vaping full-spectrum oils. You need to remove the rubber drain plug and insert the cartridge in the device, similar to marijuana oil cartridges.

Older cartridges may need more tension than with to achieve a satisfactory puff. If you have a disposable pen, open it and start blowing away!

  • Take a quick puff and wait a few minutes for the results.
  • Start at the lowest setting to prevent dry/burnt hits, if your system has a range of power settings.
  • Some of the latest cartridges can withstand more voltage without burning coils. To achieve adequate puffing, they may require more voltage than old cartridges.

CBD vape juice

For better taste and vape generation, you need a modern e-liquid vape pen that can handle most e-liquids on the market today. CBD vapor juice is very similar to other e-juices, which means that any standard e-liquid pen can vape CBD juice. You can fill an empty oil tank with your own CBD oil juice and vape.

There are two main types of e-juice pens, direct to lung (DL) or mouth to lung (MLT). The MTL pen looks like a cartridge because it provides a thick draw and needs little heating. Direct lung forms offer a looser draw, better airflow, and more cloud output and use more power than MTL tanks.

The MTL device is ideal for low strength CBD and sub-ohm devices are suitable for high strength CBD. Please wait until the coil absorbs the e-liquid and heat it to a temperature high enough to vaporize the CBD oil. Other devices are capable of generating any vapor, depending on the coils you use. 

  • Make sure that you vaporize a CBD or CBD liquid juice instead of the CBD oil tincture.
  • Sub ohms are suitable for high-power CBD, MTLs are perfect for low -intensity CBDs. 
  • Wait 5-10 minutes or more to let the e-liquid penetrate the body.
  • Take a little puff and pause a few minutes for the effects t.
  • You don’t have to hold it in, draw it in and naturally exhale.
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Shopping for the right vape pen

The price of vape pens strongly depends on the cutting edge features they have. While some of them offer features such as adjustable voltage settings, others have replaceable cartridges.

No matter what kind of vape you choose, the most important thing is to find well-made hardware, so no super-cheap knockoff batteries. One of the critical factors in selecting a CBD vapor pen is knowing what you are looking for. Whether it’s a disposable pen preloaded with CBD oil or a full-fledged – larger, high-capacity pens.


You can’t just pour regular CBD oils into a vapor pen and expect it to bring you relief, that’s not how it works. You are most likely to waste your precious oil and destroy your device. Learn the ropes by checking what type of device you are using and the various functionality features. 

Even if they are used for the first time, using a vape pen is a simple method for vaping. Vape Pens can also be used in conjunction with atomizers that allow the evaporation of various substances.