Is Post Malone Gay: Unmasking Mystery Of The Artist’s Sexuality, Beyond Speculations


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In the dynamic entertainment industry, where fans’ curiosity often intertwines with celebrities’ public persona, questions like “is post malone gay” have sparked any number of discussions and speculations. Besides his glitz and glamour, everyone wants to know what the rapper’s sexual orientation really is. Despite his global fame, the buzz surrounding his dating and relationship has become a topic of great interest. In this, we will get into the artist’s personal narrative and know what’s the truth.

Who is Post Malone?

Austin Richar Post, earning popularity with his stage name Post Malone, is a renowned versatile artist including a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. For his master creations in pop, R&B, hip-hop, and trap genres, Post is considered an inspirational and celebrated personality in the entertainment industry.

His releases like Psycho, Sunflower, and Congratulations have made it to the top, capturing the attention of fans from all over the world. In 2015, the rapper got into the spotlight with breakout single White Iverson. He is referred to as a down to earth personality, gaining millions of followers with his genre-defying sound. In addition, he reported to have an impressive net worth of approx. $50 million.

Profile Summary

Full NameAustin Richard Post
Date of BirthJuly 4, 1995
Popular AsRapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer
Stage NamePost Malone
Relationship StatusMarried
Height & Weight5’9” and 65 kg
Net Worth$50 Million

Is Post Malone Gay?

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Fuelled by rumors and speculations, the question of “Is Post Malone gay” has spread not just among fans, though in the media too. Despite the buzz, however, there has been no proper evidence or public statements from Post Malone regarding his sexual orientation. Some people initially wondered about his sexuality when there were talks regarding his appearance on lgbtq program called “Queer Eye.” 

It is not known whether he attended the show or not, however, it will be worth pointing out that in such a show one is not invited based on their sexual orientation. Rather, what matters is their work, talent, and all, Not to say, Malone is an inspirational figure in the entire music industry.

Above all, the artist himself never said anything about his sexuality. He has, however, suggested about having a fiancée and also making public appearances with her before. Despite such talks and rumors, all sources suggest the artist is actually straight not a gay, recently getting married to his fiancé and having a son as well.

Looking at Post Malone’s Dating History

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Ashlen Diaz

Earlier, it was rumored that Ashlen and Malone dated each other for around three years, before taking separation in 2018. They have been in a relationship since 2015, also appearing on The Breakfast Club too. However, ashlen and malone didn’t have any kids together.

MLMA (Me Love Me A Lot)

Following his separation from Ashlen, Malone reportedly later dated the popular Korean rapper MLMA, gaining the spotlight for songs like Sweetie and You Can’t Kill Me, I’m Alive. Though, MLMA and post decided to end their relationship, according to many reports, in 2020 yet remained friends.

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Engagement With His Secret Girlfriend

A few years later in around May 2022, Post decided to announce that he and his partner, whose identity is not known, were soon to have their first child. Just a month later, he said both had actually gotten engaged on the Howard Stern Show.

Is Post Malone Currently in a Gay Relationship?

Also, this came as a false rumor. It is true that popular rapper post malone is in a relationship, with whom he has already got engaged as well. However, he is not in any gay relationship, confirming this on the Howard Stern Show in June 2022. He and his fiancé were soon to have a kid, revealing that they were expecting a baby girl.

Is Malone Bisexual?

Known for hits like Psycho and Sunflower, rapper Malone has made a name for himself with his unique work in the music industry. Though, he has been in relationships only with women, suggests his dating history and other relationship details. Based on this, many sources say that he is neither bisexual nor has dated a male partner.

Does Post Has Any Gay Friends?

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No, it is not known whether the rapper has any gay friends or not. Earlier, many spread rumors of Malone and Just Bieber being in an intimate relationship, however, it later turned out that they have been quite close but nothing more than that. As per reports, both got into a fight over some internet pictures. For others, he has not revealed having any homosexual friends.


The question of “is post malone gay” came to be a false one though, his previous relationships suggesting the artist is most likely straight and not bisexual as some claim. Despite all the rumors and speculations trying to ruin his reputation, there is no evidence that confirms he dated a male partner. As a celebrated figure in the industry, his music work shows how talented and inspirational he is, garnering $50 million in net worth and a widespread following. 

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who is Malone engaged to?

His fiance’ details are yet to be disclosed.

is post Malone gay?

Post’s dating history suggests he is straight and not gay.

How old is Malone?

As of 2024, Malone is around 28 years old.