Who is Jasper Breckenridge Johnson?: Know About Don Johnson’s son’s Age, Height, Education Background, And More


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Enter the realm of Jasper Breckenridge Johnson, a name connected to both family history & glitzy Hollywood. Jasper was born into the famous Johnson family, & his narrative takes place in the glittering world of Tinseltown, where love, celebrity, & chasing one’s ambitions influence every step of the way. Come along on an exploration of the intriguing character that lies behind the name, as we piece together the background, goals, & lasting impact of Jasper’s illustrious ancestry.

Who is Jasper Breckenridge Johnson?

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Introducing Jasper Breckenridge Johnson is a charming man with Hollywood royalty in his blood who was born into the famous Johnson family dynasty. Originating from the sunny metropolis of Los Angeles, Jasper embodies an alluring fusion of young allure & graceful family manor. 

With a mother well-known in both social circles & academia, & a father recognized for his legendary performances in “Miami Vice” & “Knives Out,” Jasper’s childhood exemplifies a unique fusion of glitz & realism. Jasper’s journey promises to be one of distinction & authenticity as he forges his own way among a constellation of brothers & half-siblings, led by the lingering heritage of his renowned ancestry.

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Here’s a biography table for Jasper Breckenridge Johnson:

Full NameJasper Breckenridge Johnson
Date of BirthJune 6, 2002
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
Age (as of 2024)22 years old
ParentsFather: Don Johnson
Mother: Kelley Phleger
EducationAttended Santa Barbara High School
CareerCareer aspirations: Not disclosed
Social MediaJasper is inactive on Instagram, occasional posts shared by his father
Interests/HobbiesEnjoys baseball and basketball

How Old is Jasper Breckenridge Johnson?

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Jasper Breckenridge Johnson, the 22-year-old Gemini son of Hollywood’s illustrious Johnson family, was born in the energetic metropolis of Los Angeles, California, on June 6, 2002. Accepting the allure & adaptability that come with being born under the sign of Jasper, he moves with a young energy & an unshakable curiosity across the worlds of family ties & personal goals.

What is the Height of Jasper Breckenridge Johnson?

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson is a tall man (5’6″), yet his presence belies his little size. Jasper is a testament to the saying that genuine stature is determined more by one’s presence & character than by one’s physical size because of his charm & confidence despite his little height.

Jasper Breckenridge’s Early Life

Jasper Breckenridge Johnson’s early life occurred among the glitter & glamor of Hollywood’s renowned boulevards in the sun-kissed metropolis of Los Angeles, California. Jasper was exposed at a young age to both the glamour of fame & the warmth of familial affection after being born on June 6, 2002, into the prestigious Johnson family. 

With a mother named Kelley Phleger, well-known for her elegance & social standing, & a father, Don Johnson, honored for his legendary performances in “Miami Vice” & “Knives Out,” Jasper was raised in an environment that was equal parts privileged & grounded. Jasper was up surrounded by brothers & half-siblings, & his early years were enhanced by the wide range of events & influences that molded his distinct personality inside the illustrious Johnson family.

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Jasper’s Educational Background

The story of Jasper Breckenridge Johnson’s academic career is told with a mix of mystery & achievement. Though specifics regarding his present college of choice are yet unknown, Jasper’s early years were distinguished by accomplishments at Santa Barbara High School. 

Known for his skill as a point guard on the basketball court, Jasper’s athletic brilliance was evident when he was a student at the esteemed university. Even if Jasper’s college activities are shrouded in mystery, his commitment to extracurricular & academic activities surely sets the stage for a bright future as he continues to explore the areas of learning & development.

Don Johnson Son’s  Career Plannings

The specifics of Jasper Breckenridge Johnson’s professional pursuits are still unknown, & his career goals are still unclear. Jasper’s personal goals & interests are unknown, despite the fact that his family’s involvement in the entertainment business provides a fascinating window into possible career choices. 

Jasper Johnson’s path is destined to be one of exploration, self-discovery, & the search for satisfaction, regardless of whether he decides to pursue acting like his father, Don Johnson, did or takes other paths out of the limelight. Jasper is in a rare position to choose a professional path that embodies his beliefs, ambitions, & goals, thanks to his supportive family & plenty of options.

The Johnson’s Family

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Jasper Breckenridge Johnson is a valued member of the illustrious Johnson family, which combines familial ties with Hollywood nobility. Being the son of well-known actor Don Johnson & his fourth wife, Kelley Phleger, Jasper is surrounded by a large family of half-siblings & siblings, each of whom brings unique skills & life experiences to the mix. 

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Jasper is surrounded by a web of affection, support, & common history from his half-siblings Jesse Wayne & Dakota Johnson to his sister Atherton Grace & younger brother Deacon. The Johnson family, who have a history filled with legendary roles & long legacies, offers Jasper a supportive atmosphere in which he can grow & carve out his own niche among the glitter of Tinseltown.

Jasper Breckenridge’s Father’s Net Worth

According to the most recent data available, the father of Jasper Breckenridge Johnson, Don Johnson, is projected to be worth $50 million. Don Johnson’s longevity in the entertainment business & his significant fortune are evidence of his success. With a multi-decade career highlighted by memorable parts in movies like “Knives Out” & TV shows like “Miami Vice,” Johnson has cemented his place as a major player in Hollywood. 

In addition to his acting honors, Johnson’s many business endeavors—such as production work & endorsements—have improved his financial situation. Jasper certainly gains from the security & assets his father’s impressive accomplishments & financial success bring as he forges his own way through Tinseltown’s glitter & glamour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Jasper Breckenridge Johnson:

1. What is the birthday of Jasper Breckenridge Johnson?
  • A: On June 6, 2002, Jasper Breckenridge Johnson was born.
2. Who are the parents of Jasper Breckenridge Johnson?
  • A: Kelley Phleger & actor Don Johnson are Jasper’s parents.
3. In 2024, how old will Jasper Breckenridge Johnson be?
  • A: In 2024, Jasper will be 22 years old.
4. How much is the estimated net worth of Don Johnson?
  • A: A $50 million estimate is given for Don Johnson’s net worth.
5. In which high school did Jasper Breckenridge Johnson attend?
  • A: Santa Barbara High School was Jasper’s school.


One thing is evident as we approach the end of our investigation into Jasper Breckenridge Johnson’s life: his is a tale of tenacity, drive, & the strength of family ties. From his early years in Los Angeles to his present-day pursuits, Jasper personifies Hollywood royalty while maintaining a strong sense of self-respect & resolve. 

Jasper’s path is an encouragement to all of us, showing us that anything is possible with unshakable support & a tenacious pursuit of desire. He navigates the difficulties of celebrity & personal development. Thus, let’s toast to Jasper Breckenridge Johnson, a brilliant star among Hollywood’s brightest who will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy for future generations.