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Questioning your child’s parentage is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to go through as a parent. One of the things that can make this emotional turmoil a little easier is that you can do the testing at home. That allows you to be alone to handle your emotions, and you don’t have to answer to anyone. That will enable you to have the privacy you deserve when dealing with a painful truth or a happy truth.  This is a situation that should be dealt with alone, and without pain without stares and people talking. You have the right to go through this alone. 

Finding The Right Kit 

The proper kit will include everything you need. It will include directions to make the testing process go easier. Thankfully, this process has simple steps, and it doesn’t take long when done correctly. The kit will also include a payment form because you have the option of paying online or when you get the equipment itself. The last thing in the box will be the supplies for the test, the envelopes, and postage. Choose a different one if a kit is missing any of these essential items or doesn’t come with directions. The slightest error can ruin the entire test. As such, you need to ensure that your kit is complete and you are handling it with care.

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How A Home Paternity Test Works

An at-home paternity test works very simply. The first step is making sure that you have ordered the proper kit and opening the directions. A kit can range from fifty dollars to three hundred. Inside you will find cheek swabs that you will use inside your cheek. From here, you need to put them safely in the disposal area so that the swabs don’t get damaged. 

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When you have sent them off successfully, you will receive your results. Depending on the type of test you choose, you should know that you can get results on the same day, within two days or a week. The speed of the results can be rushed for an additional fee which people appreciate since this is such a traumatizing situation. They can also be rushed with a court order for custody cases and other trials. Another tip that these tests offer is to call directly if you are doing this for court reasons, as it will speed up the process. Court proceedings are a complex area, so there are many ways that this can happen more quickly as the court will want the case settled. 

Getting The Results You Need
When you need to know the parentage of a child, don’t wait. Find the results you need at a price you can afford. They are convenient and easy to use. You can avoid all of the issues of a doctor’s office, and your private matters will be just that. Private. Now that you know the benefits of an at-home paternity test and how they work, you can pick the one that will be able to get the answers you deserve.