Perfectly Snug: 4-Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

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It’s summer time and boy is it hot. People are referring to 2023 as the Summer of Sizzle due to extreme temperatures this season. When it’s this hot we have to get creative in how we find relief from these temperatures so we are here to help with some fun ideas to keep your body temp down and the summer fun factor at peak levels.

Keeping You Cool At The Pool: Maybe you don’t have enough money to buy an inground pool for your house, so in that case you can visit the neighborhood pool, but that isn’t for everyone either. That backyard pool could still be in your future if you consider the Ibiza Bohemia Pool that is large enough for a few adults. Imagine sipping a cocktail and getting a tan in your new pool that doesn’t require any chemicals and can be put away in the winter in under five minutes. Even better, you can get yourself a cattle trough and create your own backyard oasis with this special edition “Plunge Pool”. 

Air Conditioning For Your Body: Torras has designed this very nifty wearable neck air conditioner that will travel with you anywhere you go. It has a multi-directional airflow and instant cooldown by 37 degrees. It was designed for an ergonomic fit no matter your body style, and can be fully charged in under three hours. Take it with you to Disney World, or to the ballpark to watch the kids play baseball and softball this summer. How about you golfers? Just put this around your neck and watch the other people in your foursome wishing they were in your golf shoes for the next four hours.

Air Conditioning For Your Bed: According to this article from Healthline, being in a comfortable environment is critical for a night of quality sleep. “Keeping your sleeping quarters at a temperature near 65℉ (18.3℃), give or take a few degrees, is ideal.” Are you kidding? With energy cost these days, who wants to drop their thermostat that low? The engineers at Perfectly Snug found a way to help you cool your bed instead of cooling your room to get you the quality sleep you need. “This Smart Topper” was designed with two-zones of comfort for you and your partner so you can both set your bed to your perfect temperature. With this system, air is actively delivered under and around your body to keep you cool and dry all night long. There are smart sensors in the bed monitoring your body temperature to automatically adjust the cooling and heating as needed. It also comes with an app so you can set your sleep schedule just the way you like it. You can go to sleep at one temperature and wake up at another if that is what works well for you. One of the best features of this cooling topper is the Burst Mode that allows you to hit a button and send a cool (or hot) blast of air for 10 minutes to cool you down if you are having a hot flash. Cool your bed instead of cooling your room and sleep better while saving a little money on energy cost in the process.

Stay Cool Even Outside: Famous comedian Jeff Foxworthy is promoting the new ICYBREEZE portable air conditioner; this is not your typical drink cooler. Used by outdoor events like the Tokyo Olympics, US Open and Rascal Flatts concerts, these guys have hacked the summer heat no matter where you are. Their pump pushes cold water through a coil, in place of freon, and the fan delivers that cool air right to you. With the ICYBREEZE you get 6-hours of runtime on a single charge of the battery along with a their commitment to provide parts for any repair for the lifetime of the product. The next time you go fishing, camping or boating, don’t forget to drag along your ICYBREEZE outdoor air conditioner to keep you cool everywhere you go.

Suffering from the heat can be a real problem so don’t let it slow you down. Take advantage of these innovative products and put the fun back in your summer season.