Samantha Lorraine Age: From Kid Stew To Bat Mitzvah, Leading Remarkable Sixteen Years Of Hollywood Stardom


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In the dynamic and vibrant tapestry of Hollywood, few figures shine as brightly as Samantha Lorraine, a teen sensation hailing from Los Angeles. However, her personal details like Samantha Lorraine age belie the remarkable depth of her talent, triggering fans’ curiosity and attention. Her acting journey has been marked by captivating performances and a versatility that defies her youthful years. As people watch her success grow, let us unravel details of her age and see how old is she currently.

Samantha Lorraine Wikipedia

Samantha Lorraine, born in 2007 in Los Angeles, has made a huge name for herself in the industry. She is regarded widely as a popular Actress, Model, and Television personality. However, it was for her role in Kid Stew as Samantha that helped her come to the spotlight. 

Later, she was able to work in many movies, most notably in You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah in 2023. In addition, though she has a net worth of around $175K in 2023, making from her movie career and all. Not even being 18, she has already gained massive fame and a wide following for her work.

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Profile Summary

Full NameSamantha Lorraine
Age16 (2023)
Date of Birth11 May 2007
ProfessionActress, Model, TV Personality
ParentsMat Lorraine, Candy Lorraine
Height5 feet 6 inch
Weight55 to 60 kg
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$175,000 (2023)

What is Samantha Lorraine Age?

Image: imdb

Being a well-talented actress, model, and TV personality, it was 2007, May 11 when Samantha was born to her mom and dad. Her birthplace is reportedly Los Angeles, California. Coming from a Christian family, she is American and is of white ethnicity. Her dad Mat Lorraine is said to be a businessman while her mom Candy Lorraine is actually a housewife. 

Despite being very young, though she became quite passionate about acting, later deciding to pursue her career. She attended the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City, helping her enhance her skills and get more opportunities to work in the big entertainment projects. At present, samantha lorraine age is around 16 only.

Actually, her journey in the world of entertainment began when she was only around 11, later quickly gaining a huge recognition for her role as Samantha in the 2018 debut film “Kid Stew.” Despite her growing success, though she still is private about her life, maintaining a low profile and staying away from the media. 

What Was Samantha Lorraine’s First Movie and How Old Was She Then?

Born in Los Angeles in 2007, Samantha made her debut officially with the movie Kid Stew. During which, samantha lorraine age was around 11 only. It was her first movie though she received praise for her acting work and all. Her performance helped her earn attention from all over the world, starting career in the industry.

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Lorraine’s Height and Weight

Talking Lorraine’s height is, according to reports, around 5 ft 6 inch, while her weight is 50 to 55 kg. 

How Old Was Samantha In You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah?

In “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” Samantha got the chance to play the character of Lydia, showcasing her acting skills at such a young age and helping make it get successful. It was 2023 when the movie was finally released, earning many good response from fans. At the time, though samantha lorraine age was not even 18, just being 16 then.

Samantha Net Worth

Image: filmwell

It is estimated that Lorraine has an impressive net worth of around $175,000 in 2024, from her movie career and other work. Besides movies, she does promotional works, like commercials and all. Not to say, though despite being so young, her talent and success have helped her become a leading teen actress, gaining fame, and making a name for herself in Hollywood.

What Was Lorraine’s Age In The Kid Who Only Hit Homers?

The Kid Who Only Hit Homers is actually based on the book by Matt Christopher. In 2021, when it hit the screen, Lorraine at the time happens to be around 14 years old only. With her luck and talent, she managed to make it through the audition, ultimately getting to play a major role in the movie. Her acting is considered to be very influential.

Relationship between Samantha and Sunny Sandler

With You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, sunny sandler, and smantha reportedly got very close. Since then, they have been spotted together many times, suggesting to have a great time together, enjoying each other’s company and all. Both are pretty focused on their acting career, trying to achieve new projects, and navigating through the complexities of the industry.

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Hard to deny, she has gained the title of being a young star taking over the industry with her talent and charm. Even though in 2024 Samantha Lorraine age is just 16, her acting work never fails to captivate fans, leaving a unique mark and inspiring many. With each passing year, her age becomes a testament to her skills, adding a unique chapter to her story.


How old is Samantha in 2024?

As born in May 2007, Samantha Lorraine age in 2024 is 16 only.

Who’s Samantha’s mom and dad?

Her mom is Candy Lorraine while her dad is Mat Lorraine.