The Admission Process at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center


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The use of insurance for drug and alcohol treatment is helpful to overcome the challenge of paying for treatment. In case you are not familiar with your insurance coverage, you may have coverage and not know it. Even knowing you have insurance coverage, but not knowing the processes and requirements is a stressful experience, and this can hinder you from focusing on the treatment challenges. Having someone who understands what you are going through and has experience dealing with insurance companies pertaining to drug or alcohol treatment is essential to a smooth admission process at a rehab center.

Finding the amount of drug and alcohol treatment insurance coverage will help you bring some ease to the process of getting admission for treatment. Many insurance companies have complicated billing systems that make it difficult to determine exact coverage from an insurance provider. If you do not know what to ask for, you may not know how to get the coverage you need. Also, the total value of your coverage varies depending on the individual health plan. Expert counselors working with insurance companies can help you get the most from your insurance coverage.  

One concern that many patients have is that their employer will be notified if they use their employer-sponsored coverage. This is not the case due to federal regulations protecting patient health information. Under HIPAA regulations, rehab centers are prohibited from disclosing any information about any treatment you may receive to your employer. Under no circumstances will they release information about the treatment you receive at a rehab center without your prior permission.

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At a rehab treatment center, admission counselors are trained and experienced in helping patients navigate and understand their insurance coverage so you can get the help you need. This is a trying time for you, and that you need someone you can trust to give you a fair deal and quality addiction treatment plan and facilities. You just need to call a rehab facility to start the treatment process as quickly as possible.

The admissions process is designed to help you get exactly the treatment you or your loved ones need. Sometimes, intervention is necessary before treatment can start; in this regard, intake counselors can help.

Admission Process

  • Determine if you or a loved one is having a problem with drugs or alcohol. Is the user missing work often? Withdrawing socially? Getting in to problems with law enforcement?
  • Call one of KLEAN Treatment Center’s highly trained intake counselors who can answer your questions about the facility, our treatment services and which facility best meets your needs.
  • Your intake counselor will check your insurance coverage for you and will work with you to secure financial and travel arrangements and reserve your spot at the rehab center.
  • Pack for a trip as if you were going to be staying for 2-3 weeks.
  • You will be greeted by the staff at the airport if you fly, and you will be transported to the rehab facility.

As soon as you arrive at the treatment center, you will meet the staff and other patients and begin your path to addiction recovery.