Top 10 Flutter App Development Companies In Dubai

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UAE was the first Arab country in 2019 that adopt a 5G networking system in their tech system. This resulted in huge progress as they have completely revolutionized their operations to build an innovative digital world. They are already utilizing all the latest technologies to build some of the most noteworthy mobile apps in the app market that are leaving a long-lasting impression on the whole world.

Today, all the cities of UAE are advancing progressively including Dubai, the main hub of technological advancement and the most populated city of UAE. Businesses from all around the world are seeking app developers in Dubai to assist them in their development progress. They are known for delivering success-driven apps with all types of frameworks as per the client’s demands.

List Of All The Top Flutter App Development Companies In Dubai For 2024

Below is a complete list of all the exceptional and trusted Flutter app development companies you can easily find in Dubai for 2024.


ABTACH DMCC is the leading IT company in the Dubai tech market that has delivered some of the most memorable flutter apps. The services they provide besides developing seamless working flutter apps are also graphic designing, animation, marketing, SEO, social media, and content management. Moreover, they have 5 offices around the world which has helped them in partnering up with leading tech experts and IT professionals.

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2. Make An App Like

Make An App Like is a professional IT company that develops creative flutter apps with all the latest features and functionalities. Along with this, they believe in first addressing the main problems of businesses and their objectives before devising solutions. They are extremely dedicated to their work and contribute greatly to the cause of Dubai aiming to become the world’s largest tech hub.

3. Create App Like

Create App Like is an incredible flutter app development company in Dubai. They emphasize the great significance of the smooth operations of the app to provide enhanced operational efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, they have developed products for every possible industry from education, entertainment, and adventure to dating, communication, and travel apps.

4. Blink 22

Blink 22 is a customizable software company that provides products and services that are personalized according to every single demand of their clients. They have industry-leading experts from every industry that is famous for delivering apps with unique ideas that are sure to stand out from their competitors. They have already provided many flutter apps to their huge global clientele.

5. Develop App Like

Develop App Like is a famous app development company that has developed many high-end apps for various businesses in Dubai. They are extremely transparent in all of their processes and stages to allow effective communication with their customers. More benefits of them are that they provide timely updates and fast turnaround time with innovative designs and affordable packages.

6. D X Technologies LLC

DX Technologies is another flutter app development company in Dubai that is entirely focused on success-driven results while adequately addressing all the requirements of its customers. They have redefined the conventional ways of mobile app development through their automation services that utilize a high-tech stack. Furthermore, they have developed many flutter apps that have greatly increased their expertise in this field.

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7. Sigma Software

Sigma Software is a custom software development company that provides top-quality products with immaculate design, assistance, and testing services. They have developed flutter apps for all types of industries including banking, automotive, advertising, telecommunications, healthcare, etc. Moreover, their apps support all major platforms and programming languages while employing emerging technologies. 

8. Innowise

Innowise is an internationally recognized full-cycle software development company in Dubai. Their team includes 1600+ IT professionals who provide some of the most inventive flutter apps. Along with this, they have a user-friendly interface that explains the entire development process of Flutter apps. They also describe all its benefits and address queries regarding it adequately with a 24/7 support center.

9. DeviceBee Technologies

DeviceBee Technologies is an industry-leading app development company that has contributed to making many Flutter apps for the Dubai app market. With more than 14 years in this field, they have gained great expertise and proficiency in developing mobile apps with new and creative ideas. They have delivered several customized solutions to various businesses and helped in marketing their services.

10. Zoondia

Zoondia is among the leading custom software development companies that provide effective solutions and products to their customers. They aim to empower all types of businesses from small startups to big enterprises in increasing their online visibility with their wide range of flawless services. Along with this, they also provide tailored affordable packages for all businesses according to their needs.

Exploring The Multifaceted Benefits And Advantages Of Flutter Mobile Apps

Flutter gained explosive growth and popularity since 2017, because of its recent upgrades that have made the apps made from this framework more powerful and easy to develop. Several benefits that can be expected from this type of app are below:

  • Widgets- Widgets can be taken from both iOS and Android guidelines which provides more room for customization and personalization.
  • Features- A single codebase allows them to incorporate features of native apps that give them the exact look of native apps with the same smooth functioning.
  • Testing- Through their streamlined testing process that allows businesses to save time, effort, and money through a single comprehensive testing.
  • Accessibility- They offer accessibility which allows the developers to easily change the settings of the app that is automated from within.
  • Launch- The launch process of flutter apps is also quite quick with a simple development process and numerous features that can be easily built and bring your app to the market in record time.
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Final Thoughts 

Flutter apps offer unparalleled advantages to businesses, the reason they are being so excessively used in the app market. Moreover, the list provided above is made after careful consideration of all the services and solutions, the most popular app development companies in Dubai provide.