Top 8 Put-In-Bay Attractions you should know


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It’s a cliché, but of all the Island on Lake Erie, Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island has the MOST attraction sites. Be it the beautiful view atop Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial, or all the fun you can have at beautiful parks like DeRivera, it will always be enjoyable being here. For a detailed Put-in-Bay travel guide, check this site

Here is a list of some of the popular top eight Put-In-Bay attractions you should know – and visit.

1) Put-in-Bay Parks

There are a few parks but the two main one synonymous with tourist are South Bass State Park and DeRivera Park. South Bass State Park is located at the end of Catawba road, this park offers 125 non- electric camping sites and 10 full-service ones. There are bathhouses available at the park for restroom facilities and showers.

DeRivera Park is located in downtown Put-In-Bay. It is a perfect place shaded with huge trees to relax. The 5 acres of waterfront property affords tourist the best view of main drag and a close-up view of Lake Erie. There is huge gazebo, several historical monuments, and fountains, that kids can enjoy playing around while out in the park.

2) Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial

If you are fortunate enough and visit this memorial on “National Park Day,” then you will be treated to a reenactment of canon fire of the 1812 battle on Lake Erie. You can take an elevator to the observation deck top of the Monument and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the town. On a clear day, one can see Cleveland, Ohio, 60 miles away.

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This Monument is built 352 feet above Lake Erie’s to commemorate victory during the 1812 civil war. When you visit this place, you will be shown a 15 minutes video about the lake’s history and the Island in general.

3) Enjoy the Put-in-Bay Beach

On the end of Scheeff East Point Nature Preserve there is a beach that you can enjoy taking a hike.

This is a beautiful place with birdhouses everywhere for a hike on the Island. You will be asked to clean your shoes on a brush so as not to spread seeds. There is a path that is well maintained with few overgrown leaves of grass that you can walk through and continue along up to the beach.

You can also collect some shells while enjoying the tranquility of the beach. Many tourists who visit Put-in-Bay come to the Scheeff East Point Nature Preserve and only make it to the beach’s waterfront and leave without exploring the beach. Therefore, expect few tourists or hardly any apart from your crew.

4) Enjoy Boating & Fishing in Put-In-Bay

Put-in bay is an island surrounded by a lake and offer the best fishing and boating experience. There are plenty of water sport/ boating activities in Put-In-Bay. Be it parasailing, kayaking or paddleboards and even jet skis, there is enough fun for the whole family.

However, these activities may not be always available due to rising waters that sometime flood the lake. Of recent years the rising waters have been at its highest. Nevertheless, when you visit be sure to check them out when the weather is good during the summer.

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Fishing is Put-In-Bay starts in spring when the icy waters recede. There’s plenty to catch from Walleye, salmons, yellow perch, steelhead trout, and smallmouth bass. Anglers can enjoy reduced fishing rates in spring and charter boats are easily available for boating and fishing.

5) Swim up Bars – Put-In-Bay

It gets hot in the summer in Put-In-Bay, and what better way to cool off while enjoying your drink but at the island’s most popular swim up bars, the Blue Marlin Bar & Grill. The swim up bars is a popular destination with tourists at the Put-In-Bay resort. To enhance the experience there is another heated pool that is maintained at 82 degrees all the time and comfortable for a pool party.

Each swim up bars has seat in the water for revelers to enjoy their ice-cold beverage. Be sure to check one of the biggest Jacuzzis within the resort that has a sitting capacity for over 40 people. 

6) Perry’s Cave & Family Center

There are several activities to do at Perry’s cave and family center including, gem mining for the kids, and put miniature golf. You can buy some souvenirs at the gift shop before descending down to check the cave with an underground lake. 

The cave features steep slopes that decided down into an opening to an underground lake.  The lake inside the cave has fresh water and fluctuates in depth with the rise and fall of Lake Erie. It worth your time and it will take you less than 30 minutes for the tour.

7) Sightseeing Attractions at Put-In-Bay

There are several sightseeing adventures that will delight your day at Put-In-Bay. Be sure to rent a golf cart as they are the most convenient and affordable option to travel from one attraction site to another. Some of the places you may want to visit include;

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Antique Car Museum

At Perry’s Cave & Family Center there is a car museum with free entry for all. Here you can view the islands oldest car models and vintage, road signs, and gasoline memorabilia.

Aquatic Center

Here you will be provided with fishing equipment to fish off the public dock with no license. The entrance is free to the public. Great place for kids.

Butterfly House

There are more than 500 different species of butterflies from around the world that have been brought here. However, most of them are Costa Rican Butterfly species. You can relax in the garden and take photos at the fountain.

Chocolate Museum

There over a 100 different chocolate on sale at Ohio very own chocolate museum at the heart of Put-In-Bay. Kids will love it and you can buy some for tasty appreciation later. Also, roasted coffee and dessert is available.

Historical Museum

Learn about the history of Put-in-Bay and South Bass Island from Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum. The museum has three buildings each dedicated to information on the ships that have sailed here, history of winemaking at Put-In-Bay, and the bay’s genealogy.

8) Last Resort Engine

Its low key outside bar and a fun place to stop by for a mid-afternoon cocktail as you watch people go up and down the street. The Last Resort Engine is a fire truck bar just outside with oxygen tank seats and beautiful flashing lights. 

Yes, it’s a real converted fire truck with seats covered in real fireman’s coats with their names written on them and fire hats hanging from the ceiling. The bar stool has fire extinguishers as its poles and an old hose as its footrest.