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Who doesn’t love flawless and smooth skin? Age is a factor that impacts the skin sooner or later. We all want to delay the process as much as we can. Hence, we indulge in skincare regimes that fight the signs of ageing. Apart from the daily routine, sometimes we need an extra push. Pairing them up with non-invasive cosmetic procedures can help to improve the production of collagen. As we begin to age, the body’s collagen production decreases. Microneedling Toronto is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that has brought about a revolution in collagen induction therapy. This cosmetic treatment has increasingly become popular. More and more people have started to include it in their skincare regimes. Due to its rising popularity, you might have found yourself thinking about this treatment. We are here to tell you more about it so you can make an informed decision about the same.

Why should you consider micro-needling?

Just because you have a skincare regime doesn’t mean you require to pair it up with cosmetic procedures. Each cosmetic procedure helps to achieve a certain goal. Microneedling works to stimulate collagen production. It is a great option for those who are looking to achieve glowing, youthful and firm skin. Microneedling is an excellent treatment option for those looking to decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

What happens during the treatment?

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. This treatment makes use of microneedles that penetrate and perforate the skin. These needles create superficial wounds that enable the stimulation of collagen and elastic production. The thought of so many needles penetrating the face can sound very daunting. To make the process more bearable for you, a topical numbing cream is applied. It is then removed, and the face is sterilised. The procedure lasts for about 30 minutes. You might experience small bumps and redness in the areas of treatment. This will begin to settle in the next 24 to 40 hours. In the meanwhile, it is essential to keep the area clean and away from the sun.

What happens after the treatment?

To ensure that you get the best results from the cosmetic procedure, there is a list of instructions that you need to follow to the T. On the day of the treatment, you will be asked to clean your face before bed. Ensure that you use a gentle cleanser and a simple moisturizer. On the first day, it is crucial to avoid any active ingredients. On the day after the treatment, you can return to your skincare regime and even put on makeup if you want. Avoid putting any pressure on the treated area for the next 48 hours. You might experience minor pinprick bruising, which will start to settle within 2 to 10 days.

Book a consultation

If microneedling is something you’ve been considering, it is time to book a consultation. This is the best way to understand the treatment. You will be explained what the procedure can do and whether it is the right way to move forward.