Ways to Improve Your Sales Strategy


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When it comes to creating relationships with clients and customers, your sales strategy is your first port of call. All sales representative recruitment agencies will tell you that the best salespeople are those who have fresh ideas about how to optimize strategy. This is because an advanced sales strategy allows companies to close more deals and get more clients in the pipeline. Every quarter, sales teams should be looking at what they need to do to improve upon their existing sales strategy. Most sales teams are familiar with this concept; however, they’re not always sure about how this can be achieved. 

Combine Marketing and Sales

First things first, for optimal sales opportunities, sales and marketing need to join forces. Although many companies will sit sales and marketing on two separate islands with very little communication, this isn’t the best way to go when it comes to improving either sector. In order to improve the quality in leads, a bridge must be built between the two departments. Sales can contribute to marketing’s database so that they’re able to produce more accurate content that feeds into the necessary buying behaviors, goals, and pain points. As a result, marketing teams are able to refine their message to suit the business and customer alike. 

Utilize Chat Marketing

The notion of cold calling is slowly dying out, since we’re now able to see who’s calling, and a lot of us choose not to answer a call from a number that isn’t familiar to us. Therefore, the means of building a relationship over the phone is becoming increasingly difficult, especially if the other person immediately clocks that you’re trying to sell them something. Since sales is so reliant on people, it needs to be adaptable so that it can shift with the times. As a result, messenger bots may be a good idea, as this allows you to gain the attention of clients without ambushing them. 

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Automate the Process

Upon a prospective client filling out your contact form, it’s likely that a manual outreach will take place, consisting of various emails that eventually lead to a call. This lengthy process ultimately wastes time and could result in the client losing interest in the long run. Therefore, automating the process can make it a lot easier, speeding everything up and making the client less likely to lose interest. By automating, it’s meant that a filled-out form will result in an automated message with a link to your calendar, allowing clients to book in a meeting with you at a convenient time for them. 

Ask the Right Questions

A lot of people think sales is all about persuasion, but too much persuasion typically has the opposite effect. If someone feels as though they’re being coerced into a deal, they’re much more reluctant to accept. Instead, salespeople should be sure to right questions, in order to convey their interest in the lead. This will make your client believe that you have a thorough understanding of their business, which will make them more inclined to work alongside you. You’re much more likely to successfully close a deal if the client feels they made the decision, rather than believing they were pushed into it. 


You should always upsell from the beginning, otherwise you run the risk of pestering your clients to offer them the latest deals. If your clients have the best deal from the offset, you won’t need to keep on at them about upgrading or changing their plan. After all, as the old saying goes, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

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