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Even though many businesses have gone digital over the past few years, many industries are still operating utilizing the old methods. However, after Covid-19 struck the world, many entrepreneurs realized that using digital media was the only way to survive. Amongst these insightful individuals is Mehrdad Amini, the leader of the construction world in Canada. 

The main behind Amini Construction, Mehrdad Amini, grew up in North Vancouver, BC, and belonged to an immigrant family of engineers. From a young age, it was clear that Mehrdad was a jack of all trades and would succeed in everything he pursued. This includes sports like hockey, taekwondo, and then finally, a degree in Kinesiology. But even after these achievements, he knew he could achieve more and decided to pursue his passion as a businessman.

 From thereon, Mehrdad Amini decided to go for an area he had always connected with since childhood construction. He requested his parents to allow them to renovate their house and led to a successful sale within a few days. Realizing his skill in the field, Mehrdad Amini developed a business plan and reached out to several realtors.

 He only received one response out of the numerous relators he approached. Luckily, that one shot was all the entrepreneur needed to showcase his talent. Thus, Amini Construction was launched with the aim of evolving the construction industry. Today, the company stands tall as the game changer for construction projects in Canada and has taken up several massive residential and commercial projects.

 As far as his company is concerned, Mehrdad Amini shares, “Amini Construction Inc. is a full-service construction and general contracting business. From a small bathroom renovation to building you a new home, we are here for all of our client’s building needs.” While Mehrdad Amini had a vision and a passion for making the business a success, the biggest hurdle in his path was Covid-19. “I started the business during peak Covid, and the plan was to reach great customer acquisition by 2022,” Mehrdad shares. “To achieve this, the only tool I had was word of mouth and digital media.”

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 To make construction go digital, Mehrdad Amini created a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and even TikTok. However, the construction guru also adapted to a different approach when it came to reaching out to people. For instance, the social media pages of the firm include direct contact with the customers, as Mehrdad often posts conversational videos for the audience. While some videos reveal the currently completed renovations, others have a before-and-after comparison. Mehrdad Amini and his team can also be seen advising potential customers.

 This kind of digital interaction was crucial since customer interaction is the unique selling point of Amini Construction. “Clients are our lifeblood, and we are extremely excited to serve them. Every time a client comments on one of our projects or reaches out through social media or reads reviews from friends and family, we know that something special has taken place,” he shares. “We value our clients and work hard to create a lasting impression.”

The firm also believes in open communication and requests clients to refer them to their friends and family through social media applications and google reviews. Mehrdad Amini’s mission has always been to revolutionize the construction industry by emphasizing the importance of client feedback. “Using social media to reach a larger audience, preferably a global audience,” Mehrdad Amini says. “I want people to come to watch what I have to say to know what the proper way of doing things is. I aim to revolutionize the construction industry by being an educator to consumers as well as construction companies.”

 Since none of Amini Construction’s competitors are using the same kind of approach, the firm’s popularity is increasing day by day.

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