Meet Overtime Megan: From TikTok Star to Sports Media Sensation


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Presenting Overtime Megan, the vivacious & enthusiastic tornado sweeping the social media landscape! Known by her stage name Megan Patricia, this talented content producer has specialized in basketball & hockey & established a distinct place for herself in the sports industry. 

But Megan is more than just your typical sports fan; her contagious spirit, limitless inventiveness, & captivating material have won her a particular place in the hearts of both followers & fans. This piece delves deeply inside Overtime Megan’s world to see what makes her a unique social media presence & how she’s dominating the sports content industry! 

Who is Overtime Megan?

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With time Megan, who goes as Megan Patricia, is a well-known social media influencer & content producer with a focus on hockey & basketball. She is well-known for both her inventive & captivating material & her vivacious & exuberant demeanor. Megan has amassed over 600,000 Instagram followers & 2.7 million TikTok followers over time.

With time Behind-the-scenes glimpses during NBA & NHL games, player & coach interviews, & inventive & humorous films about basketball & hockey culture are all common aspects of Megan’s work. She is renowned for her passion for basketball shoes as well as her openness to doing risky & difficult acts.

Here is a biography table for Overtime Megan to know “who is Overtime Megan?”:

NameMegan Patricia
Known asOvertime Megan
OccupationSocial media influencer & content creator
SpecializationBasketball & hockey 
Known forEnergetic & enthusiastic personality, creative & engaging content, love of basketball shoes, willingness to try new & challenging stunts, ability to make sports more accessible & enjoyable for everyone, role model status for young women interested in sports & entertainment
Followers600K on Instagram, 2.7M on TikTok
Social media linksInstagram

How Old is Overtime Megan?

As of November 2, 2023, Overtime Megan is 22 years old. She was reared in New York City & was born in 2000. She is a rising star in the sports & social media industries, & her admirers will undoubtedly be delighted & motivated for many years to come.

What is the Height of Overtime Megan?

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With time 5’6″ is Megan’s height. Because of her height, she is sometimes underestimated, yet she has shown that she is a formidable opponent. She is a gifted content developer in addition to being a proficient hockey & basketball player. She isn’t scared to push herself to the limit & is always thinking of new methods to do so.

Megan Patricia’s Career Journey

With time In 2019, Overtime Megan started working as a social media influencer. She immediately became popular due to her upbeat & exuberant demeanor as well as her interesting & imaginative material. She is well-known for her amusing & inventive movies on hockey & basketball culture, behind-the-scenes peeks at NBA & NHL games, & interviews with players & coaches.

She has a prosperous career in acting & modeling as well. She has starred in advertising campaigns for a number of companies, such as Gatorade, Adidas, & Nike. She has also appeared in a few short films & advertisements.

With time Megan is a prosperous entrepreneur as well. In addition to co-founding Overtime House, an organization for social media influencers & content producers, she also has her own line of goods.

What Happened to Overtime Megan?

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A hacker posted Overtime Megan‘s personal images & videos on the internet in April 2023. Megan was so upset over this that she temporarily deactivated her social media accounts. She subsequently made a comeback to social media, where she discussed the event & urged her fans to show one another kindness & support.

Megan has received recognition for her bravery & tenacity in the face of this horrific incident. She is also acknowledged for bringing attention to the problem of online harassment & the need for privacy protection.

Apart from the hacking event, Megan has had many additional difficulties lately. She was sent to the emergency room in September 2023 after inadvertently sipping from a shattered glass. In addition, she has been candid on social media about certain health concerns that she has been battling.

Megan is nonetheless a cheerful & optimistic person in spite of these difficulties. She still has a strong enthusiasm for hockey & hoops, & she never stops producing interesting material for her social media audience. She serves as an example to a great number of individuals by demonstrating that it is possible to triumph over hardship & realize your aspirations.

Current Situation

Overtime Megan is still active on social media as of November 2, 2023. She has 2.7 million TikTok followers & more than 600K Instagram followers. She keeps making hockey & basketball-related material, but she also utilizes her platform to advocate for causes like mental health & online abuse.


In this article, we’ve let you know about “Who is Overtime Megan?” & more information about her. Megan Patricia, often known as Overtime Megan, is a formidable force in the sports content producing industry. She has a dedicated following because of her unique material & upbeat, passionate style. 

Overtime Megan’s fame in the world of basketball & hockey content will undoubtedly continue to climb as long as she can motivate & delight her audience. Look out for more impressive plays & clever moves from this social media personality!