Day: November 10, 2023


Dos and Don’ts for Firefighters to Safeguard Their Health

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421 ViewsAs a dedicated firefighter, you are committed to protecting your community day in and day out. Your role comes with immense responsibilities, often in challenging …

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What are the Best Ways to Learn from Other Industries and Projects for Quality Assurance?

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573 ViewsIt is very obvious that you will land in the quality assurance (QA) field if you are into or if you are doing research in …

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How Can You Encourage Quality Assurance Professionals to Improve Continuously?

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328 ViewsAs a member of the quality assurance team in the software industry, you will always be expected to have a quality stick with you to …


How do you adapt your QA standards to changing markets?

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295 ViewsThe mobile and desktop application industry is an ever-evolving ecosystem, continually shaped by technological marvels, emerging market trends, and evolving user preferences. In this dynamic …