Bra Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed


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For many women, finding a perfectly comfortable bra can be a struggle. Even once you find the right size and style, small fit issues can still persist and cause discomfort. Luckily, there are some clever bra accessories on the market that can customise the fit of your bras for complete comfort. Read on for four must-have add-ons that you probably didn’t even know existed.  

Bra Fillers for Uneven Breasts

It’s very common for one breast to be slightly larger than the other. Rather than wearing an ill-fitting bra to accommodate your larger side, bra fillers offer the perfect solution. Bra fillers are lightweight padding inserts that go inside your bra cup to “fill out” the smaller side for symmetry. With these bra inserts, you can wear any bra as usual without spillage or gapping. Plus, they create a smooth, even look under clothes. Silicone bra fillers come in various thicknesses to match your needs. They simply slip into place when needed and can be worn on just one side or both cups.

Bra Extenders Give Breathing Room

Some bras just seem to shrink over time or run small to begin with. But that doesn’t mean you need to replace them right away. Bra extenders are handy accessories that fasten onto the closure hooks of your bra band to provide a little extra length. Whether you’re between sizes, bloated during your period, or have fluctuating weight, bra extenders up the adjustability factor. They add 1 to 3 inches more space while keeping your bra’s cup size and shape the same. Just clasp the extender onto the hooks like normal, and you’ll gain that little extra wiggle room.

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Cushion Sore Shoulders

Depending on your bra straps and body shape, bra bands can sometimes dig painfully into the tops of your shoulders. Luckily, there are nifty little cushions that alleviate this pressure point. Shoulder cushions for bras adhere to the area where your bra straps make contact with your shoulders. Made of soft fabric or gel padding, they create a comfortable buffer zone to prevent straps from rubbing or cutting into the delicate skin. Shoulder cushions are discreet enough to wear under tank tops and sleeveless dresses. But they provide plenty of relief when worn for long stretches.  

Low Back Converter Straps

Finding a supportive bra gets tricky if you want to wear a low back top or dress. Standard bra bands ride too high and show. But low back converter straps offer an adjustable solution to keep your bra in place while wearing revealing looks. These accessory straps detach your regular bra hooks and convert them to crossover straps that sit lower on your back. This allows you to wear any bra under super open-backed clothing without it being visible. converter straps work with a variety of band sizes and designs. No more fretting about how to hide your bra under that backless formal gown or halter neck!

Don’t let small bra discomforts or style limitations make you dislike wearing bras altogether. With handy accessories like fillers, extenders, cushions, and converters, you can customise bras you already own rather than replacing them. Visit your local lingerie shop or browse online for these problem-solving products that make all your bras feel great while expanding what garments you can wear them under. With solutions to unevenness, tight bands, shoulder pain, and low backs, you’ll enjoy complete comfort and confidence in every bra.

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