Brighton Butler Divorce: Beyond Rumors, Demystifying Details Of Fashion Blogger’s Separation


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There’s always something new to be heard or found in the world of influencers and fashion bloggers, as Brighton Butler’s divorce recently became a topic of widespread discussion. Known for her successful career and vibrant online presence, her decision to separate from her husband Duncan Butler has sparked curiosity among fans as well as the media. So, keeping all rumors aside, let us get into the true facts and details of her divorce.

Who’s Brighton Butler?

Brighton Butler, born on October 24th, 1991, is a famous figure for her fashion, modeling, and more. Widely recognized for her successful blog, “Brighton The Day,” she reported to begin her career not until 2011. She is known for having a bachelor’s degree in Business, though she later got interested in fashion.

Especially, though it was after when her mother launched an Italian shoe line, influencing her to go into the fashion industry. Not to say, Brighton has become a renowned influencer, showcasing style, and talent as well as working as a great source of inspiration for fans.

Although, it is relatively common for her to make headlines, she once again got into discussions and talks due to her recent divorce from her former husband Duncan Butler. Apart from all this, Brighton is dedicated to her career and also doing philanthropy as the co-founder of NGO Les Filles a La Mode.

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If we are to talk about her success in terms of wealth and assets, try not to be shocked because the model has achieved an estimated net worth of $5 million currently in 2024 from her fashion and modeling career. 

Brighton Butler Profile Summary

Full NameBrighton Keller Butler
Age34 (2023)
Date of BirthDecember 8, 1989
ProfessionFashion Model, Influencer
Relationship StatusDivorced
Height5 feet 6 in
Weight60 to 65 kg
Net Worth$5 Million (2024)

Did Brighton Butler Divorce From Husband Duncan Butler?

It has been now officially confirmed that Brighton Butler’s divorce from her husband Duncan Butler is actually a fact and not a rumor as we thought at first. Even though they got married just around three years ago in 2020, this might not change the fact of their separation at all.

Talking about now, the couple are reported to be having their hearings and are going through trial and all. It is just about a few more months and they will be separated permanently.

When Did They Marry? 


Duncan Butler decided to tie the knot with Brighton Butler on January 25th, 2020. As per reports, they picked Dallas, Texas as the destination for their wedding and all, marking the beginning of their journey as a sweet married couple. 

However, God knows why but their relationship did not last as long as fans had expected for them, taking separation and filing for divorce in May 2023, just after three years after saying their vows. Despite all, in the midst of this, their children, family, and friends are also the ones suffering most from their decision to divorce, including fans and followers.

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Why Did Brighton Butler Divorce?

Ignoring all the myths and rumors related to Brighton Butler divorce, however, there is no clear answer, if we are to put the exact reasons why both are getting divorced. Some people say it could be because of Duncan Butler’s struggles with addiction.

Furthermore, there are rumors about his behavior and other personal issues. Others think it might be related to differences in how they wanted to raise their kids. Whatever the reason, though the truth is that both couples have already filed for divorce in May 2023. Yes, we need to accept it.

Who’s Taking Kids Custody After Brighton Butler Divorce?

As of now, it would be hard to say who got custody of the kids after brighton butler divorce her previous husband Duncan Butler. The details about how they will share parenting and who will take custody of their children are still being figured out in the ongoing legal process. Not to say, both Brighton and Duncan are keeping these details private, and the public will need to wait until they tell us about it.

Has She Married Again?

As of the latest available information, there has recently been no news that confirms that Brighton Butler has married again after her separation from her former husband. After getting divorce from Duncan Butler, she thought it would be best be stay away from media and the public for some time, not releasing many details of her relationship status. 


In the end, though Brighton Butler divorce from her husband Duncan Butler was certainly not an easy one to digest for fans. Many of their separation details are still not disclosed to the public, however, it is clear she has been quite committed to her career, children, family, and all. Her story helps us know that even in tough times we can find the courage to face the unknown and get stronger on the other side.

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Who’s Brighton Butler husband?

Before, Duncan Butler was her husband but now they are separated.

Is Brighton’s divorce news true?

Yes, the couple has already filed and proceeded for final separation.

How many kids did they have?

With husband Duncan Butler, she has two kids only.