Emma Argues With Principal Figgins: Delving Into Glee’s McKinley High And Digging The Truth

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With 6 Seasons, Glee has now made its place on everyone’s watching list. Whether it is about high school drama or modern personal conflicts, Glee understands what these binge-watchers looking for. However, currently, many fans trying to understand why “Emma argues with principal figgins.” Mainly, what’s her motive behind getting into arguments with someone you know is quite hard to change his traditional views. In this post, we will discuss Pillsbury and Figgins’ fight.

Who Are Emma and Principal Figgins?

In Glee, Emma Pillsbury is someone who is quite vibrant and optimistic, working as a guidance counselor at McKinley High. Everyone including students loves her for she believes in being open and the importance of having art education and extracurricular activities in school.

Principal Figgins, on the other hand, is working as principal in charge at McKinley High. He is quite committed to maintaining order and following rules in the school. As the head and principal, Figgins is always working to run the school smoothly with the budget they have.        

Why Does Emma Argues with Principal Figgins?

Mainly due to having different views on how to run McKinley High School, emma argues with principal figgins. She is an optimistic guidance counselor, trying to work on prioritizing student expression, creativity, and the importance of art and extracurricular activities. She knows how important it is to have open conversations and helping students. 

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As the school in charge, Principal Figgins focuses on maintaining order, having strict policies, and managing the school’s budget so they can run it easily. They don’t agree because of sharing different perspectives on issues like art, creativity, education, school budget, and other similar issues. Despite all this, however, both actually are trying to enhance McKinley High and create a positive environment for students.

Is Emma Right or Principal Figgins?

It is quite difficult to know who is wrong, whether Emma or Principal Figgins. Emma, with her focus on student’s learning and creativity, shares new perspective. She tries to help students and make the school a place where everyone is open with current issues. Though Principal Figgins, prioritizing order and strict policies, wants to maintain stability and deal with financial issues in whatever way he finds best. So, both could be right at

their places.

How To Handle Arguments Like Emma Pillsbury?

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One can see in the episodes that Pillsbury handles arguments in some unique ways. You can also learn her techniques, such as by following these steps:

Listen and Understand

Emma always tries listening to others’ concerns during arguments and understands them before saying anything. So, you need to take time to understand others’ perspectives and what they are trying to say.

Open Communication

She is someone who likes being open and honest during conversations without judgment. You should also create a safe space for expressing opinions and feelings between you and your people.

New Changes

We can see how pilsburry is never afraid to change her views, in case she finds herself wrong. To become like her, you need to keep this in mind.

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Share Ideas

Like new changes, Emma tries making new suggestions and ideas, whether others like them or not. You also should not be afraid to share new ideas and views, it doesn’t matter if they agree with it.

Prioritize Overall Well-Being

With each plan, she makes sure that those changes are actually for better development and well-being of students. You should too fight for equality, let others express their views, and build trust.

What Happened To Emma in Glee Season 6?

In Season 6 of Glee, besides her fight with school authorities, Emma Pillsbury faces significant changes in her personal life. Her relationship with her husband Will Schuester becomes complex and she struggles with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Though Emma decides to take professional help and work on her mental health issues. With all these, this particular season has become very interesting for fans.

Has Their Issues Resolved?

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In many episodes, we get to see that emma argues with principal figgins for sharing different views, though later developing a grudging respect and finding common ground. While their clashes continue, they learn how important open communication, mutual understanding, and compromise actually are. Through all these arguments, Emma and Principal Figgins actually tries to resolve key issues by modifying school policies and working on what student needs really.


In Glee, we see how emma argues with principal figgins, yet it has different meanings. Despite their differences, both characters are one of the beloved for fans’, helping us learn the importance of life, school, education, and more. The ongoing arguments highlight the challenges of balancing creativity and rules. However, they will soon come up with a better solution that minimizes the fight between them, if not resolved completely.

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Why did Emma argues with principal figgins?

Principal and Pilsbury often get into arguments due to their differing views on school policies.

Was Pilsbury right?

Even if Pillsbury was right with the need for art for students, this doesn’t mean Figgins is a bad person. Rather, they just don’t share the same perspective.

Does Pilsbury win or figgins?

In their hot clashes, rather they are trying to understand each other’s views on education and find the best solution for students.