Who Plays Weird Barbie Role in the Latest Blockbuster “Barbie” Movie? Why Does She Look So Familiar?

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Are you prepared to explore Barbie’s vibrant world? A brand-new character who will undoubtedly steal the show has joined the Barbie film world, so grab a seat! Prepare to meet Kate McKinnon, the one & only person who can bring the quirky & deliciously odd Barbie to life on television! 

That’s right, the master of comedy responsible for some of the most enduring characters on Saturday Night Live has portrayed Barbie in the forthcoming film, infusing the classic doll with her trademark wit & charm like never before. So grab a seat, & let’s take a crazy voyage as we discover who plays weird barbie in the Barbie Movie.

Who Plays Weird Barbie in “Barbie” Movie?

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In the colourful live-action movie “Barbie,” Kate McKinnon, is the actor “who plays weird barbie role. Acclaimed for her remarkable comic skills & memorable appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” McKinnon infuses her distinct take on the famous doll with her characteristic charm & surprising insight. With her talent for creating eccentric characters, McKinnon brings a lighthearted & provocative touch to the movie’s investigation of Barbie’s universe, guaranteeing viewers a novel & enjoyable experience that surpasses the conventional Barbie story.

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Why Does Weird Barbie Role Actor Kate McKinnon Look So Familiar?

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Here are some notable appearances of Kate McKinnon, which made as look familiar about her role in Barbie movie:

1. The Years of Saturday Night Live (2012–2022)

Laughter & cheers filled the air during Kate McKinnon’s time on Saturday Night Live as she brought to life some of the most iconic figures & moments in the program’s history.

Iconic Celebrity Impressions:  

  • Hillary Clinton: McKinnon’s impersonation of the former First Lady & presidential contender Clinton turned into a legendary performance, perfectly encapsulating her essence with witty timing & uncanny accuracy.
  • Justin Bieber: McKinnon made viewers laugh all around the globe with her lighthearted & exaggerated portrayal of the pop phenomenon, bringing a little humour to the SNL celebrity skits.
  • And More: McKinnon’s impression repertoire was extensive, including accurate portrayals of several celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Kellyanne Conway, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jeff Sessions, & many more.

 Unforgettable Original Characters

  • Olya Povlatsky: The ageing Russian lady who loved dark comedy & had a pessimistic attitude on life, Olya became a beloved character on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segments.
  • Sheila Sovage: Sheila introduced a breath of new air to Saturday Night Live’s sketch comedy with her crazy antics & conspiracy ideas, keeping audiences in stitches with her outlandish conduct.
  • Barbara DeDrew: The dramatic theatrical actress, Barbara brought a quirky element to Saturday Night Live’s movie parodies, highlighting McKinnon’s flexibility as a performer.

Fearlessness & Commitment

McKinnon’s unwavering devotion to her profession was evident in the way she poured herself into each sketch, pushing the envelope of humour with her unending energy & contagious excitement. Her determination to go above & above often produced amusing scenes on site as other cast members found it difficult to remain serious when facing McKinnon’s comic genius.

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Acclaim & Recognition

McKinnon’s work on Saturday Night Live was acknowledged with two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2016 & 2017, in addition to other nominations at other events.

2. A Diverse Filmography

Outside of Studio 8H, Kate McKinnon’s brilliance was evident on the silver screen, where she played a range of parts with style & enthusiasm.

  • Ghostbusters (2016):  McKinnon, in her role as the eccentric & quirkier Jillian Holtzmann, was the star of the program. She brought her own brand of humour to the revival of the beloved paranormal comedy.
  • Rough Night (2017): Alongside a group of gifted comedians, McKinnon demonstrated her comic skills as the free-spirited Pippa in this dark comedy movie, creating unforgettable moments & giggles.
  • The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018):  In this action-packed comedy film, McKinnon wowed viewers as Mila Kunis’s devoted & amusing best friend, Morgan.
  • Yesterday, 2019: In this musical fantasy, McKinnon plays a cruel music manager, demonstrating her emotional range & acting skills in a lesser part.
  • 2019 Bombshell:  McKinnon played a closeted Fox News staffer successfully in this potent biographical drama, giving a nuanced performance that resonated with viewers.

3. Beyond the Notable Projects

Kate McKinnon has contributed her skills to several other projects in addition to her work on Saturday Night Live & in mainstream films, demonstrating her flexibility as an actor.

  • Voice Acting Roles: In animated movies like “Finding Dory” & “The Angry Birds Movie,” McKinnon has given voices to various characters, incorporating her own sense of humour into the medium.
  • Appearances on Television:  In addition to her work on Saturday Night Live, McKinnon has voiced characters in a number of television episodes, including “The Magic School Bus Rides Again” & “Nature Cat.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to know about “Who plays weird barbie role in Barbie movie?”:

1. In the live-action “Barbie” movie, who plays “Weird Barbie”?
  • Kate McKinnon is the reply.
2. What other achievements does Kate McKinnon have outside her part in the “Barbie” film?
  • Kate McKinnon is well recognized for her remarkable comedic skills & well-known roles on “Saturday Night Live.”
3. What distinguishing features does Kate McKinnon have in her “Weird Barbie” role?
  • McKinnon imbues “Weird Barbie” with an eccentric charm & surprising insight.
4. How does McKinnon’s upbringing affect the way she plays “Barbie”?
  • McKinnon’s comic skills, which she developed on “Saturday Night Live,” give her character more nuance & comedy.
5. How will McKinnon’s depiction of “Weird Barbie” in the movie affect viewers’ expectations?
  • McKinnon’s great combination of charm & depth in the character promises an engaging & amusing experience for audiences.


In this article, we’ve let you know about the actor “who plays weird barbie” in the Barbie movie. The new Barbie movie has Kate McKinnon as the strange & eccentric Barbie, & her performance seems nothing short of amazing. McKinnon has the hilarious ability & talent to bring unique personalities to life, so she’s well-positioned to revitalise this cherished doll. One thing is clear as fans anxiously anticipate the movie’s release: McKinnon’s portrayal will undoubtedly be a highlight, giving the venerable Barbie series a new & intriguing spin. Prepare to laugh, smile, & fall in love with Barbie once again, all due to Kate McKinnon’s hilarious genius.