From amateur fighter to an ultimate athlete: Jay Smoove, the boxing prodigy


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Most boxers cannot make it to the professional leagues without having an extensive amateur career. Otherwise, they’re setting themselves up for failure. While some boxers have accomplished considerable feats with limited amateur careers, the reality is that an amateur career significantly contributes to a boxer’s development. It exposes them to different styles from various schools. For instance, an American might face someone with the Cuban or Russian style or fight a fellow American with the Philly Shell style – the same style Floyd Mayweather adopted on his way to retiring with a record of 50-0. 

An amateur boxing career is also beneficial because it helps boxers acquire significant in-ring experience. It’s important to remember that amateur boxing bouts are only three rounds long, lasting nine minutes. On the other hand, professional contests, especially world-title fights, last twelve rounds and thirty-six minutes. Therefore, amateur bouts are a safer and less punishing way for boxers to acquire the necessary experience to propel their careers to world championships. As a result, it’s unsurprising that some of the greatest boxers to lace a pair of gloves had extensive amateur backgrounds. For instance, Vasiliy Lomachenko moved to professional boxing with a 396-1 record. Similarly, Floyd Mayweather was an Olympic Bronze Medalist when he transitioned to professional boxing. Others like Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, and Bernard Hopkins also had storied amateur careers before becoming professionals.

Jay Smoove is extremely familiar with the boxing world. After all, he has been interested in it since childhood. He got into boxing in the third grade, watching videos of his idols like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, etc. As he grew older, he also became a fan of boxers like Naseem Hamed and Pacquiao. But, his love for the sweet science meant he was only headed one way – into the ring with a pair of gloves. Jay started boxing when he was thirteen. However, he didn’t take the sport seriously until turning twenty. Regardless, he knew he would become a professional because his love for the sport meant he could never stay away. He would also gravitate back to boxing even after prolonged periods away from it. 

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Life as a boxer is challenging, there is no doubt about it. In fact, you must work tirelessly to ensure you’re in the best shape possible for a fight. Amateur boxers often fight multiple times a month since their bouts are shorter. However, that doesn’t mean the preparations are any less grueling. Boxers lock themselves in the gym for months to ensure they’re in peak condition when they compete because the only thing worse than being less skilled than your opponent is having worse conditioning. In addition, fatigue is dangerous in the ring because it makes you more susceptible to accruing damage that you normally would avoid. 

In addition, a boxing ring is a lonely place. You’re facing another trained individual looking to take your head off your shoulders with no one there to help either of you. Jay always struggled to overcome challenges and hurdles as an amateur boxer because he struggled to avoid the distractions around him. Moreover, he didn’t have any mentors or guidance to help him stay focused, resulting in multiple issues halting his boxing career for extended periods. 

However, Jay Smoove experienced a turning point as he grew older. He was tired of seeing people living his dream of being in the ring and beating opponents. He had always dreamed of being “the man.” This realization made him change his life. He approached boxing with newfound vigor and dedication, staying focused on his training. He allots his time to work, the gym, and his family by creating and following a set schedule. It also helps him stay away from negative influences as he looks to realize his destiny by becoming an undisputed world champion. 

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